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  1. Hull trimmer, what do you use?

    Having trouble with crimp variation on Remington gun club hulls.
  2. Thoughts for the Future of the sport

    Shooting Related Threads
    I hope that the locals near fast growing metro areas read this. Housing development happens! More people nowadays are anti-gun, anti-hunting, etc. Get a group together to invest in some woodsy acerage within a half hour drive of the current population. Zone it as a gun club so that it is...
  3. Want To Buy Remington Gun Club or STS Hulls

    Want to Buy/Trade Threads - Participating Members
    Hello, I've had it with the Winchester AAHS Hulls, and am looking for some once-fired Gun Club, STS, or NITRO hulls to reload with. Thanks a lot, Chase
  4. 1oz load - switch wads or stay with current recipe

    Everyone, I am almost out of 1 oz wads and will need to order more. Here is my current recipe. Gun Club hull, 17 grains of Promo, DR Green Duster wad, Winchester primer and 15/16 oz of reclaimed shot (1 oz MEC bar throws light). This has been my reduced recoil and reduced cost load. I am...
  5. Which hull to reload first?

    I have AAs, Gun Clubs, and Top Guns waiting to be reloaded. This will be my first time reloading anything, so what would be the best to start out with? Thank you for your help. Jesse