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  1. For Sale
    Up for sale is a pair of used ranger falcon pros with 4 lens included. I used these glasses for 2 years and decided to upgrade. The glasses are in very good condition and have many more years of life left in them. Mainly used the CMT lens when shooting so they show the most signs of wear with...
  2. For Sale
    2x Pilla Outlaw X6 lens only. 99% exceptional condition. $350 shipped to L48 Thx, Anthony 32 MXB, 48RHC
  3. For Sale
    Changed eye protection brands so I am selling a Decot Hy-Wyd frame with a Decot carrying case. Both are in very good condition. No lenses are included as I had Rx lenses. Asking $50 and that includes shipping CONUS. The frame is the classic Hy-Wyd with the HY-LO bridge and spring hinge...
  4. For Sale
    Up for sale - RE Ranger Falcon Sport Glasses. Includes 6 different lenses as noted below. All shields are in great shape. I wore the dark CMT lens 98% of the time and they show the most wear. Original case, new blinders, and boxes included. $450 OBO, Shipped. I prefer PayPal or Venmo for...
  5. Shooting Related Discussions
    I've just started wearing progressive lenses and I really like them. Now I want to get new prescription shooting glasses. I used to not wear any correction but now have like 20/40 for distance and need up to a +3 for reading. Since the most important thing to focus on is the bird I thought...
  6. Shooting Related Discussions
    Hello trap shooters My name is Nick and I’m relatively new to trap shooting, I come from competitive pistol shooting world. I’m currently wearing a the Rudy Project Rydon glasses and I’m noticing the nose pad and Rudy logo above the nose really obstructs my view when I have the gun shouldered...
  7. Shooting Related Discussions
    Hi everyone, I have a question, has anyone ever use BLUE shooting glasses, I mean a dark robins egg blue for shooting in bright daylight?? I am wondering how the birds would appear.
  8. Youth: Item Donation Location
    We had our first meeting for the new season and had over 50 kids show up. Due to the larger families I am trying to find new/used shooting gear (glasses, shell pouches, etc). If anyone has old ones (used/trophies) they want to donate contact me please!
  9. Shooting Related Discussions
    Thinking about purchasing a set of Pilla shooting glasses for trap and other clay spots. Can someone give me some recommendations on lens colors and frame styles. TY
  10. For Sale
    I have for sale a set of Pilla Outlaw X6 with 3 lenses and a case. The lenses look completely free of any damage and the overall condition is excellent. Please check the photos below and ask any questions you might have. The reason I'm selling these is that I have another set just like these and...
  11. Shooting Related Discussions
    Has anybody had any luck with Pilla's lens 50RHC? I am in the process of buying a pair of Panther X6s and I am picking lens. I have two already picked out but I need options for a third lens that's good in medium light days or a good all around lens. Note: my eyes are sensitive, I don't want a...
  12. Shooting Related Discussions
    Okay so long shot here, but I overheard someone talking about some light scrambling glasses that apparently help you see the target better? The person said its what NFL players use in their visors to see footballs better and block out everything else (players etc) Just wanted to know if anyone...
  13. Shooting Related Discussions
    I wear prescription glasses and I am looking to buy some clip-on sunglasses. Is there a particular color that would be better for shooting? Buying prescription shooting glasses is not possible for me right now, so please don't give me that recommendation. Thank you for your help. Jesse
  14. For Sale
    For sale a pair of Randolph Ranger frames and a case (I have a second case that I'll throw in if you want it...) The lenses in the pics are an unknown prescription, so I doubt anyone will want them. They really just there to show that the frames are straight and in good shape. Will ship USPS...
1-14 of 14 Results