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  1. Shooting Related Discussions
    Fairly new to trap shooting. I have an old Remington 870 pumps that I was using and will be using. During a competition, I used an old o/u shotgun my stepdad had. Both of these are field guns. Based off of another thread I have, these aren't the best to use in trap shooting. What would be some...
  2. For Sale
    For sale my personal, one owner 12 ga Baretta Blackwing field gun. $1,000 OBO. 26 1/2" barrel chambered for 3" shells. Excellent condition, no scratches or dents. All original gun except stock was shortened and kickeez pad with spacer installed for LOP of 14 1/2". Includes 9 chokes; 4...
1-2 of 2 Results