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  1. How many times has Krieghoff changed the K-80 standard engraving?

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    Seems like there are quite a few different 'standard' engravings for the K80. By standard, I mean their basic scroll engraving. They look pretty similar, but there are subtle changes and I wonder if anyone has taken note. Does anyone know how many versions there are? Is there any...
  2. Angelo Bee Question

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    So I have a Winchester Model 12 with "B" carved wood that was engraved by Angelo Bee. It has the A BEE on the receiver but does not have the preverbial bumblebee on it as well. I was just wondering if anyone has had Angelo provide a letter of authenticity for you with your gun and if so, how...
  3. Ideas for covering personalized sideplate...

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    I'd like to cover the personalization of the sideplate of a shotgun. I could buy a new one, but there is gold inlay on it that could be hard to replicate. It's too deep to buff out. Any ideas appreciated.