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  1. Shooting Related Discussions
    I've been shooting a DT11 trap since July and in the past 2 months, the Safety lever would slide back (sometimes fully, sometimes half), preventing me from firing the second shot. Does anyone know a fix to this problem, I am competing in Olympic trap and hope I can get this fixed quickly.
  2. Shooting Related Discussions
    I've gotten a ton of conflicting advice lately and am looking for a majority opinion. I focus mainly on international trap (80%) and am known to do a bit of skeet (10-15%) and some sporting clays (5-10%). I'm looking to get out of the solver piegon world and think I'm ready to get into the DT11...
  3. Shooting Related Discussions
    Duplicate post - please ignore.
  4. For Sale
    Beretta DT11 Bunker Trap 30" bbls with fixed chokes extra full top/full bottom and adjustable comb purchased new from Joel Etchen July 2020. Taken to the range only once and less than 100 rounds through it. Like new mint condition with beautiful wood. Selling due to health issues. Please see...
  5. For Sale
    Selling a spare Forend I have setting around. Very nice wood. $200 plus $12 shipping
  6. Gunsmithing
    I’m a youth shooter on the pacific coast recently been moving up. Last June I upgraded my gun from a BT-99 to a Beretta 692 XTrap and I have very recently been looking at acquiring a Beretta TSK stock for it. The catch is I can only find the one I want particularly for the DT series of shotguns...
  7. Shooting Related Discussions
    I’m thinking of getting a Beretta DT11 XTrap Combo (currently shooting a 692 XTrap). I’m looking for feedback from current DT11 owners on your experience with the gun, quality, reliability, customer support. Also do you end up shooting both the unsingle and the o/u barrels. Thanks, bob
1-7 of 7 Results