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  1. Reloading
    For those of you that use Downrange wads, I was at the 2019 Grand American last year and stopped by the Downrange booth. They had new wad substitute charts. I picked up one. I scanned them to PDF to share here. There is 2 pages. Have a great trap season!
  2. Reloading
    I'm probably gonna catch some $hi for this post from the DR defenders out there but after being seemingly kicked to the curb by Kevin @ DR for a month I feel it's worth mentioning. All my reloading pals & other league members at my club that trade with DR have all touted DR's great customer...
  3. Reloading
    Been scouring the threads here and others about a good DownRange wad. I only shoot 16 yard trap. My scores are hovering at 20-21 and I thought I'd try a couple different combinations to break this spell. Currently using STS, Fed 209A, Intl Clays, CB versions of F8 and WAA12, 1 1/8 #8mag @...
  4. Reloading
    Everyone, I am almost out of 1 oz wads and will need to order more. Here is my current recipe. Gun Club hull, 17 grains of Promo, DR Green Duster wad, Winchester primer and 15/16 oz of reclaimed shot (1 oz MEC bar throws light). This has been my reduced recoil and reduced cost load. I am...
  5. Reloading
    Can you tell me what would be an ideal combination for reloading? The components I have now are: Powder: Hodgdon Titewad Primer: Winchester Wads: Downrange XL 1 1/8 Blue (WAA12) and Federal 1 1/8 Pink (Fed 12s3) According to Hodgdon's Reload website it says I can use either wad, but which...
1-5 of 5 Results