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    I have for sale a Perazzi MX2005. The receiver and over/under barrels have consecutive serial numbers. The Perazzi pull trigger does not have a matching serial number but is in excellent condition as I shoot a release. The wood serial numbers match the receiver. Included is a full set of Briley...
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    Results from yesterday are here: Special thanks to our Sponsors: Russ Roberts, Danny Talbot, Wayne Bunce & NSTA For Added Money Upcoming events calendar: April Big 50 – 4/24 – squad with [email protected] May Big 50 – 5/8 –...
  3. Shoot Information, EVENTS, Clinics & Results
    Make every double load count by joining us in Vegas for ATA registered doubles! Here is the program Presquad is at $1300 in Added Money, shoot 1 Event or all 5. Our current "DoubleDouble" - Perfect 50 Progressive jackpot sits at $494.00 with a perfect 50 paying 90% of the pot...
  4. For Sale- Participating Members only
    Selling my Beretta 682X Trap combo. Comes with the following: 29.5" Doubles barrel 32" Top single Adjustable comb & Butt plate 6 Carlson extended chokes (CYL, SK, SK, IC, LM, M) LOP 14.625" Handling marks as seen in pics $2200 + shipping to your FFL. Only trades considered would be 682 Gold E...
  5. Shooting Related Threads
    I've been for the last six months using 1 oz. #9 loads for the first shot. My scores are not consistent enough to tell if this helps me pick up extra birds. Nines seem to break clays just as hard as eights at first bird distances. I use #8s for the second bird. Thoughts or opinions?
  6. Shooting Related Threads
    Shot a couple of rounds of doubles with the ShotKam. In this session I was holding a very low gun. You guys will see the big gun moves I have to make. I think this caused some major issues in mechanics and consistency. I have now started to hold a higher gun and seeing some good progress...
  7. Shooting Related Threads
    Hi All- Went to a registered match today and shot singles and my first ever doubles. Singles was ok 95, but doubles was a blast. I shot a 87 which I guess is not bad for my first one but I am definitely doing this again. BTW, I shot this at the South Florida Shooting Club, wow, what a nice...
  8. Shooting Related Threads
    Are there very many trap shooters shooting autoloaders for doubles? If so what are you shooting....and what chokes? thanx mike
  9. Shooting Related Threads
    Are there a lot of folks out there using PFS in dobles with success....ands are you locking them out? If you are locking them out how are you doing it? thanx Mike
  10. Shooting Related Threads
    Is there many of you doubles shooters shooting doubles with a gun that has a recoil reduction system? thanx mike
  11. Shooting Related Threads
    Hello All... I still am on the shooting doubles in the 90's thing. Question is do you use a combo or a dedicated gun for doubles? thanx mike
  12. Shooting Related Threads
    I have noticed they're some folks that can shoot doubles and they're are folks that can "REALLY" shoot doubles. I am a "C" double shooter. I have reasoned in my mind that doubles should not be as hard as I try to make it out! I am missing something in my paradigm! For me it is like this... 1...
  13. Shooting Related Threads
    Question... Has anyone shot the Browning Recoilless for doubles? thanx mike
  14. Shooting Related Threads
    Question... Everyone is different but assuming on singles your foot position is right out of the Remington Clay Target hand book "Foot Position On each station, your toes should be placed on an imaginary line which would parallel the line of flight of the extreme left angle target from position...
  15. Shooting Related Threads
    Just Curious... What chokes and shot are others using for doubles... And barrel lengths. Mike
  16. For Sale- Participating Members only
    For Sale: Over/Under Winchester Model 101 Diamond Grade Trap in 12 gauge. Excellent condition, I only used this gun for Trap Doubles and has seen probably around 1,000 rounds. Has 30" barrels, fixed full choke top barrel & WinChoke bottom barrel (Full, Extra Full, Modified, & Skeet tubes...
1-16 of 16 Results