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  1. Browning Recoilless and Competition?

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    Is there any "A" or better shooters out there that soot the Browning Recoilless regularly in competition? Handicap? thanx Mike
  2. Gracoil Recoil reduction system

    I recently inherited a stoeger competition combo and am looking at installing a gra-coil recoil reduction system on it. Has anyone had any experience installing one of these units, and were you satisfied with how the unit works, does it have a noticeable difference in the felt recoil? Thanks in...
  3. Is it worth going to a competition?

    Shooting Related Threads
    Is it worth going to a competition if I only average between 70-80 out of 100? I have only shot trap 3 times, once last winter and then the last two weekends. Total I've shot 300 rounds, 125 with an Remington 870 Magnum and 175 with a Stoeger Longfowler. I plan to go much more often now that I...
  4. Three Rivers Sportsmen 10th Annual St Judes Charity Shoot -- Harwood, Maryland -- 22 MAY 2016

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    Hope to see you all there to help the children of St. Jude's. If you have any questions, you may contact the club or myself; number and email address are on the flyer. Come on out for a great cause! Thank you! -Mark Facebook link: Log into Facebook | Facebook