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  1. Gunsmithing
    I have a K-80 Trap Special, on the right side of the stock's comb there are two countersunk 2mm allen screws that tighten to hold the comb in place. I tighten them but not overly so however I can't get the front one to loosen. I've tried turning the allen wrench so hard that it twisted the shaft...
  2. Gunsmithing
    the plate that holds my adjustable comb on my browning XT has broke. The company that made the plate has went out of business so I can’t order another. Should I just buy a new stock or have a gunsmith put a new system in?
  3. Shooting Related Discussions
    I´m thinking about adding a 3/4 or 1 height fixed hi rib in my trap shotgun . Acctualy i have a POI that fits to me in my low rib gun ! My question is : if i add the hi rib , should i raise my comb too ? or do i have to let it the same way it is ? Thanks
  4. For Sale
    I have a very nice 12ga Citori with 30" barrels, an adjustable Comb and Adjustable Kick Eez recoil pad. It comes with a nice SportLock case, Modified and Full Browing chokes, a Red Head Skeet choke, a Briley extended Improved Cylinder choke and Trulock Skeet 1 & 2 extended chokes. Comb and Pad...
1-4 of 4 Results