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  1. Shooting Related Discussions
    Hello all, I need some help. I am currently working through my Masters in history program and need to come up with an original historical thesis to research and write a paper for. This will be the capstone of my degree work and I want to create a topic that requires me to research what I love...
  2. Shooting Related Discussions
    Anyone know of a cheap place to get shooting vests? We're a brand new college club with very minimal funding and we are looking to get vests this coming spring, and would love them to be maroon in color if we could find some in colors. Thanks!
  3. Shooting Related Discussions
    Any tips or ideas on fundraisers for a brand new college club team? We are desperately in need of funds right now but are a bit lost on where to start. We're located in Duluth, MN, so that could pose slight difficulties but we are a very eager team. Most of our fundraising would go toward...
  4. Shooting Related Discussions
    I am working on starting a college shooting team at the college I am attending. Does anyone have any tips to start it. Where would we go for team gear and or sponsors. How would I attract shooters that do not have a lot of money? Any advice from current college team members would be awesome.
  5. Shooting Related Discussions
    So I'm a current student working on getting a team started at a college in northern MN (University of MN Duluth). We have everything approved through the school, we are now more so working on actually starting and running the active club. Any tips? Finding a coach/help? What are your thoughts...
1-5 of 5 Results