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  1. Shooting Related Threads
    Hello! I am a first year youth trap shooter and got a new shotgun 2 weeks ago. It is a Browning Special Sporting Clays Edition Citori (It is absolutely gorgeous). What accessories do you recommend for me. I plan on getting a magnetic barrel rest since the gun is heavy. Please include links if...
  2. Shooting Related Threads
    My old 1983 Citori Trap w/ Monte Carlo has seen many owner changes and tens of thousands of shells through it. The gun is getting worn down and having to do frequent fixes now. I was wondering if anyone knew where I should start looking for a similar gun. I've gone to gun stores and I really...
  3. Trapshooters Vendor Marketplace
    Crazy, but right now Browning new guns are selling for about $50 over dealer cost, so with the 8% Rebate you are getting them below DEALER COST. ENDS APRIL 15th. Seriously thats at least $100 -$175 below DEALER Citori CX silver receiver or Black Citori CXT silver or Black, some with after...
  4. Shooting Related Threads
    Looking in advance to choose a Citori , Browning says that Citori CX shoots 60/40 high and the CXT shoots 70/30 . Question is if this POI consider buried beads or figure eight beads ? i´m asking it because i like to shoot 70/30 , but seeing a figure eight ! then if it consider buried beads and...
  5. Trapshooters Vendor Marketplace
    Lots of Ladies Browning vests -Bought too many $28 plus shipping. various sizes -med to XXL -depends on color selected, You choose the shipping method- including signature required (else your responsibility if UPS or USPS says it is delivered). Plum Cinnamon pink -may have a couple of the...
  6. For Sale- Participating Members only
    Citori forend, came from a newer Crossover Target, but was used on a 1994 Citori Gti (since sold). Shape is straight and trim, NOT beaver tail or semi-beaver tail. Good to lighten a muzzle-heavy gun too. Wood is in very good condition, but does have a couple of handling marks as seen in...
  7. For Sale- Participating Members only
    Lightly used Mullers for 12ga Invector + Brownings. U1 and U2. Sold the Citori they were used in. $95 for both, shipped to contiguous U. S. Also, looking for Zoli Mullers if interested in trade. Thanks for looking, Dave
  8. Gunsmithing
    Anyone know what type of finish there would be on a Browning Citori Skeet Special, I think it was made in the 80's-90's? I've read it's probably varnished, but not sure. The butt stock is starting to get a bit tacky on hot humid days. I'd like to clean it properly and I'm not quite sure of the...
  9. Shooting Related Threads
    Hello, I am a new shotgun shooter and need some help / advice. I bought a Browning Citori CX to use for Trap / Skeet / Sporting Clays, but find that after 50 or so rounds my cheek is so sore that I don't want to shoot it anymore. I sent the stock to Joe at TronSpace and he did a fantastic job...
  10. Gunsmithing
    the plate that holds my adjustable comb on my browning XT has broke. The company that made the plate has went out of business so I can’t order another. Should I just buy a new stock or have a gunsmith put a new system in?
  11. For Sale- Participating Members only
    Citori stock, Type 3, short tang. Neutral cast, with adjustable comb and Jones adjuster recoil pad. High gloss finish. In very good condition. Taken from Citori skeet gun, but with adjustable comb is ideal for Special Sporting Clays and Crossover (CX) Citori guns as well. $500 + shipping.
  12. Shooting Related Threads
    Hi all, I'm new to this forum but hope to be around for a while. For the last few years I've been shooting sporting clays, skeet, trap and have been falling more in love with the sport each day I shoot. For a while I rented guns to shoot. (The range I frequent rents out 686 silver pigeons and...
  13. Want to Buy/Trade Threads - Participating Members
    I am looking for a LEFT handed 12ga Citori stock, preferably with CAST ON up to 3/8". Palm swell or not. Must be short tang. If you have one that you can part with, please let me know. Thanks, Dave
  14. Shooting Related Threads
    Looking for someone with knowledge of Browning Special Sporting Clays Citoris. I am considering buying a new one from Guns Unlimited Omaha and would like to know if they differ from the original models and would I be better off with an original? Without considering price, is one gun better...
  15. Gunsmithing
    I've discovered a small Crack in the forearm of my citori. I can purchase a new one from browning, however it says on the site fitting will be needed, by a professional. What exactly does one need to do to properly fit a forearm?
  16. Shooting Related Threads
    Does anyone know the difference between a Browning Citori and Citori Lightning receivers? Thanx! Mike
  17. Trapshooters Vendor Marketplace
    Crazy isn't it. On any NEW gun in stock (list below). TIL END of YEAR! You can buy a NEW Browning Shotgun and get the current $100 REBATE and get the gun at Dealer cost or below. ALSO as a gift, get a FREE Hoodie and Long Sleeve Shirt or Shirts only (MSRP: $59) Qualifying in stock are the...
  18. Want to Buy/Trade Threads - Participating Members
    Greetings All, I am in search of a Forearm for a 1977 (only) Browning Citori Trap Combo 12 Gauge. Please pm or email Me @ [email protected] Thank You very much Mark
  19. Shooting Related Threads
    Help... I own several firearms (pistols/rifles) and shoot often but for the first time, I picked up a rented shotgun for some trap shooting off a Groupon discount and got the bug after a 30-40 percent hit rate 1st time out. Ideally, I want to learn to hunt but because I live in Southern...
1-19 of 25 Results