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citori 725

  1. For Sale Browning Shotguns at dealer cost or below?

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    Crazy isn't it. On any NEW gun in stock (list below). TIL END of YEAR! You can buy a NEW Browning Shotgun and get the current $100 REBATE and get the gun at Dealer cost or below. ALSO as a gift, get a FREE Hoodie and Long Sleeve Shirt or Shirts only (MSRP: $59) Qualifying in stock are the...
  2. Cheek slap

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    Hi everyone. So I got a new shotgun a few months ago and it's a Brownig Citori 725 trap. I really like the gun a lot and I am shooting very well with it, however I'm noticing I'm getting a lot of cheek slap with the gun and after about 2 rounds it starts to hurt pretty bad. I'm guessing the gun...
  3. New to shotguns - Selecting a 1st shotgun

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    Help... I own several firearms (pistols/rifles) and shoot often but for the first time, I picked up a rented shotgun for some trap shooting off a Groupon discount and got the bug after a 30-40 percent hit rate 1st time out. Ideally, I want to learn to hunt but because I live in Southern...
  4. Sold Citori-Plus Pull/Pull comes with Release Hooks

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    I have for sale a Citori-Plus 30" in really good condition with adjustable rib (no sagging), adjustable comb, adjustable LOP, recoil reducer, currently Pull/Pull but comes with release hooks, and factory ported barrels. It shoots really well and super soft. It comes with several flush chokes...