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cheek slap

  1. Wisconsin Gun fitter

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    Hi everyone. I shoot a Browning Citori 725 Trap that I’ve had for about a year now. There is something wrong with the fit of the gun as im getting abusive cheek slap when shooting. The gun currently doesn’t have an adjustable pad or comb. I’m looking for a gun fitter in central Wisconsin to help...
  2. Cheek slap

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    So last year I got a Browning Citori 725 Trap. I love the gun but I've been dealing with cheek slap. It gets pretty painful after about the 3rd round or so and I know I would shoot much better if I could get rid of it. The gun doesn't have an adjustable recoil pad and I'm wondering if adding one...
  3. Modifying stock for 725

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    Hi everyone. So last year I got a browning citori 725 trap with the non adjustable stock because the deal was way too good to pass up. I shot all year with it and really enjoyed the gun and didn't do too bad however I feel I could do much better if I had an adjustable stock. I'm getting a lot of...
  4. Cheek slap

    Shooting Related Threads
    Hi everyone. So I got a new shotgun a few months ago and it's a Brownig Citori 725 trap. I really like the gun a lot and I am shooting very well with it, however I'm noticing I'm getting a lot of cheek slap with the gun and after about 2 rounds it starts to hurt pretty bad. I'm guessing the gun...