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  1. For Sale
    Caesar Guerini Magnus - $7000 Unsingle or $9000 combo 34” Unsingle 30” double barrel Custome stock by Wenig (right handed) original wood included M, IM, F Same as above with Pit Stops
  2. For Sale
    Hello all… so I have 3 CGs and feel like someone should be shooting the ones I don’t use! Caesar Guerini Summit Trap Combo - $4000 unsingle or $6000 combo 34” Unsingle 30” double barrel R.A.D recoil system LOP 15.25 but adjustable trigger and rad system M, IM, F While in use, this gun...
  3. Shooting Related Discussions
    Caesar Guerini has got a bad rap in the past so I thought I would relate my experience with them. I bought my Caesar Guerini Magnus Combo 32-34" in Feb. 29, 2008. I call it my 'leap-year' shotgun. I have shot 75,000 rounds thru it and it has had all 3 pit-stops. They swapped out the...
1-3 of 3 Results