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bt-99 plus

  1. New BT-99 Plus with ejector, tips and lessons learned?

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    Just recently bought a BT-99 Plus 34" with ejector (Browning model number 017080401). It should be here by the end of the week. I know there are thousands of pages written about the BT-99, but I'm interested to learn what owners of this particular model have found. 1. Such as, is the Pachmayr...
  2. Investing in first "real" trap gun -- BT-99

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    Like many, I grew up shooting my Dad's old 870 throughout High School and College. It served me well, I would often shoot between 20-23 targets. I recently joined a Trap club in my area and have been shooting a lot more regularly with a rental BT-99. I have improved my score to an average of...