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browning trap

  1. Father's day present

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    Well my wife surprise me this weekend with this present for Father's day. I can't wait to shoot it. If you have one what is your experience with it? thanks -jP
  2. Sold BROWNING CITORI SPECIAL TRAP - Like New -Still Take a Look

    For Sale- Participating Members only
    Browning Citori Special Trap O/U Barrel is 32" Ported 7 Choke Tubes 2-SK, 1-MOD, 2-IM, 2-F Briley Speed Wrench Adjustable Monte Carlo Stock 14 1/4 LOP Stock has not been cut and has metal stock nuts to change out pads Three Butt Pads, original and two kick ezz Gold Adjustable Trigger Browning...
  3. Browning pigeon

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    just saw a Browning pigeon for sale and was in good shape with a few marks on the stock. Made in Japan. With Utah and Montreal also stamped. Had a case like an old suitcase with all the chokes and a extra pad. Anyone have any idea what it is worth. They were asking $1450