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browning 725

  1. Browning 725 firing pins

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    I have an awesome 725 trap that I acquired 2nd hand about a year ago. I don’t believe it had been shot a lot prior to my ownership, but enough that the action works smooth, and the owner had installed a Gracoil unit. I have probably shot 3-4000 rounds through it with no issues my question...
  2. Sold Browning 725 Lefty W/Soft Touch Reduced

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    I have for sale a lightly used Browning 725 Trap, left hand with 32" barrels. My son shot it in 2018 from July till October. It is still in the original box from Cabela's. All the original literature, choke tubes and tools are included. It has a Soft Touch and all the documents and tools for...
  3. Browning stock crack

    This is my buddy's 725, cracked through the grip last month. Browning told him to send it in, who knows WHAT they will do, and HOW LONG it will take them to do it.
  4. 725 Citori firing pin pitted

    A friend and I both own Browning 725 Citoris for Trap. His firing pin on the lower barrel is pitted. Mine is not. We both bought them at the same time, both reload gun clubs with only Winchester primers. He called Browning. They sent him a replacement firing pin, but told him it is a normal...
  5. For Sale Browning 725 HR (High Rib) with comb 32"

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    Great all -around gun for sporting or trap. 32", Lightly used, soft leather on comb WITH HARD CASE. Price is firm $2385 plus shipping. Consigned Contact me for more details or for more images
  6. LOP issue - good advice to share

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    My 725 with Factory comb is a bit long for me. However, cutting it is very involved due to the way Browning constructs their comb. So I struggled for 6 months and built up some serious head trash shooting 5 stand sporting poorly ,but with determination I got this response on another forum and...
  7. Want To Buy Carrier Barrel, Fitted Tube Set and case for Browning 725 30" barrels

    Want to Buy/Trade Threads - Participating Members
    Kolar or Briley, prefer Kolar. As an SCTP Coach I get a decent discount on either so I may go new, but prefer to see if I can find a set someone is not using. I have the Browning Trap 725 with 30"Barrels. I would consider 20 gauge only or a complete set. If you have an entire gun with these...
  8. Pull / Release Trigger on a Browning 725?

    Is it difficult to have a pull (bottom barrel) release (top barrel) on a Browning 725? If not about what would I expect the cost to be? thanx mike
  9. Brwng 725 adjustable comb issue

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    I have the factory adj, comb and only need to move abt 3/8 to the right and 3/8 high for a good fit. I tighten it properly without risking over tightening. During a round of 5 stand it will slide down to flush. Anyone have this problem or a fix? I don't think it comes all the way off or I would...