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  1. Shooting Related Threads
    Assuming all are new, which gun would you choose and why, since all three are priced reasonably similar? I had the opportunity to test out the F3 from a friend of mine and was very impressed with the maneuverability, feel and build quality of the Blaser but have never fired only handled a CG...
  2. For Sale- Participating Members only
    I have a U2 and a U3 muller for my blaser. I have extras and need to sale these to buy a pair of skeet chokes. $170.00 obo shipped for the pair. Or trade for 2 skeet chokes. The U2 only has a couple hundred rounds through it, the U3 is a little more used and isnt as shiny but performs...
  3. Want to Buy/Trade Threads - Participating Members
    Had a chance to shoot and shoulder one of these - fits perfectly. Let me know if there are any out there (was originally looking for a Super Trap, but SS is a better overall fit)
  4. Want to Buy/Trade Threads - Participating Members
    Looking to buy a Blaser F3 Supertrap - don't care much if it's the unsingle or the 32" barrels as I will likely just purchase the other one, but if you have a combo even better. Thanks much!
  5. Shooting Related Threads
    Hi all, has anyone used Blaser for getting wood work done on their F3s? If so how was the experience and time frame? Looking at getting some refinishing work and some dents fixed but worried about the turn around time. I know they do send the stocks to another gentleman.
  6. Gunsmithing
    my Blaser F3 Super Trap I noticed a lot the top thumb lever will close back when I open the gun. Has anybody had this issue before? If so what is the doagnostic? It gets pretty annoyed by having to flip the lever back to the open position all the time.
  7. Shooting Related Threads
    Hello, looking for opinions. I have a Blaser Super Trap that the wood got dinged up on some and I’m really considering buying another wood set for the Gun. Would it be worth it to just buy a stock and fore arm or just send it in and Get fixed for $750? That’s a price I got quoted to fix all the...
  8. Want to Buy/Trade Threads - Participating Members
    looking to buy set of 12ga 30” blaser f3 supersport barrels. Pm me with what u have. Thanks barrels only please.
  9. For Sale- Participating Members only
    32 inch barrels,adjustable rib, 7 factory choke tubes,14.5 lop right hand palm swell right hand cast,factory case. Shipped to your ffl. $4950
  10. For Sale- Participating Members only
    Final reduction: I have 2 Muller U1's 28 Ga for Blaser F3 in excellent condition. Less then 250 rounds fired. Price is $100.00 including shipping for both. PRICED TO MOVE.
  11. For Sale- Participating Members only
    I have a U1 (SPF) and U2 (SPF) Muller chokes for a Blaser F3. Excellent condition. One time price drop to $60 including shipping.
  12. For Sale- Participating Members only
    I am a bit of a Blaser F3 Fanatic and after purchasing this shotgun in June 2015, I decided to purchase another hand engraved F3. That said the gun I am selling is truly one of the Premier clays guns. I was convinced about the F3 after my first round of clays where I went from shooting mid...
  13. For Sale- Participating Members only
    Here is a Blaser F3 Super Trap Combo for sale. It includes a 34" Unsingle barrel and a 32" O/U barrel. They all have excellent Pro Porting done by Briley. The gun is in very good condition with upgraded wood, and includes all of the original tools and weights (if not pictured they are either...
  14. For Sale- Participating Members only
    Blaser F3 with 32" barrel in very good condition $5500.00. Comes with 7 chokes skeet, IC, 2 light mod, 2 mod, and a IM. Also, comes with factory hard case. Live in Dallas-Fort worth area. Will also be at nationals in San Antonio, Tx at the end of October. 817-307-0027.
1-14 of 14 Results