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    95% Condition -34" Barrel -Adj Rib & Comb -Factory Hard Case $3400obo Shipped Thanks Charles
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    After shooting for a few years now I'm looking to move on and invest in a competition level gun that's got a bit more weight to it. Around 8.5lbs, mid balanced, 30" barrels, adjustable comb and a wide trap rib are my criteria. I've been looking at either a Browning Ultra XT (not the high rib...
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    Selling a spare Forend I have setting around. Very nice wood. $200 plus $12 shipping
  4. For Sale- Participating Members only
    Selling my Beretta 682X Trap combo. Comes with the following: 29.5" Doubles barrel 32" Top single Adjustable comb & Butt plate 6 Carlson extended chokes (CYL, SK, SK, IC, LM, M) LOP 14.625" Handling marks as seen in pics $2200 + shipping to your FFL. Only trades considered would be 682 Gold E...
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    Joel Etchen Silver Pigeon II 34/32 Combo. Low round count. Beautiful wood. 14.25" LOP. Several Choke Tubes, Release Trigger. includes Americase Premium Suitcase. $3950
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    Hi Guys, I'm considering purchasing a used Multitarget. I'm curious how those of you who shoot them have them weighted both with the cap and in the stock, and where you purchased your weights. I've shot both a relatively unweighted Xcel and a heavily weighted Multitarget. The weighted MT...
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    Selling my 28" Beretta 391 12G barrel. It is a Sporting barrel but not the version with the mid-bead. Chokes are Optima Bore and includes 4 extended chokes (SK, IC, IM and F). I purchased this from Beretta direct for skeet as I have the 30" 391 Sporting , but really didn't use it much. This...
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    I am looking to sell my excellent condition Beretta 687 Joel Etchen Special Silver Pigeon 3 trap combo 12gauge. Backbored 682 E barrels with long forcing cones. Monte Carlo stock with right hand palm swell and conventional checkering. Stock dimensions are 1-5/8" drop across the comb and...
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    Hi All- Being cooked at home is getting dangerous. I went web shopping and bought a new toy. A Beretta ASE 90 Gold combo. Now is going to suck waiting to get to shoot it. -jP
  10. Want to Buy/Trade Threads - Participating Members
    Looking for the above separately or will buy a blown Beretta A400 Xcel barrel and happily part it out on my end.
  11. Gunsmithing
    I’m a youth shooter on the pacific coast recently been moving up. Last June I upgraded my gun from a BT-99 to a Beretta 692 XTrap and I have very recently been looking at acquiring a Beretta TSK stock for it. The catch is I can only find the one I want particularly for the DT series of shotguns...
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    Briley Beretta Optima Flush Chokes Light Full - 2 Light Mod- 2 IC. -1 Skeet 1 ------------------- Total 6 25.00 each Plus shipping 8.00 for all
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    Up for sale is a Browning A5 Magnum Twelve. Not a mark on it! Comes with original box, papers, and chokes. Invector special steel 28" bbl 3" chamber. 1989 Manufacture. $900+shipping.
  14. For Sale- Participating Members only
    Selling a set of 5 Beretta optima flush choke tubes (F, IM x 2, M, IC) for $80 shipped to your door.
  15. Shooting Related Threads
    what do you use it for (trap, skeet, sporting clays, hunting, etc.) and how do you have it set up? Do you have custom stocks, triggers, barrel modifications, bolt on gizmos? I really like these guns and I think they are the best all purpose semi-autos Beretta has made so far.
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    I’ve had my eye on the Beretta UGB25 Excel for years, always thought the loading design was very intriguing. After not being able to find a 30” barrel assembly for my discontinued Remington O/U, I thought I might let I go and make room in my safe Beretta. The UGB25 Excel is not that easy to find...
  17. Gunsmithing
    Do anyone know where to find a 690 barrel replacement? I know that the 690 shares the same extractors as the SV10 but i don't want to find out the hard way if the barrel is the same, could be wrong? I can't seem to fine the replacement barrels. I know I've seen some a year or more ago but i have...
  18. Gunsmithing
    I am looking for a double barrel for my beretta DT10 (barrel only). I know that I can go directly through beretta but that is very expensive. Just checking out all of my options. Any advice?
  19. Shooting Related Threads
    Do the b fast ribs hold up well? They seem a little thin. Im looking at a 692 o/u and have not seen a b fast rib. Any input is appreciated. Thanks !!
  20. Shooting Related Threads
    I’m looking for a new gun and considering a beretta 686 onyx pro trap. Or something in that price range. I’d like to not go over $4000. Let’s hear your recommendations! I have owned browning citoris before and am just not a fan of the fit and feel of the gun for me so I’m thinking of looking at...