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beretta 692

  1. Changing Beretta stock

    I’m a youth shooter on the pacific coast recently been moving up. Last June I upgraded my gun from a BT-99 to a Beretta 692 XTrap and I have very recently been looking at acquiring a Beretta TSK stock for it. The catch is I can only find the one I want particularly for the DT series of shotguns...
  2. Beretta 692 Trap patterns (includes Briley Plasma chokes)

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    Patterned my new Beretta 692 Trap, 32". Chokes (Optima HP): Briley Plasma Full Briley Plasma IM Briley Plasma M Briley Spectrum LF Beretta's flush chokes. Form 40 yards: Top barrel, Remington STS 1200, #8, 1 1/8 From 35 and 30 yards: Bottom barrel, Remington STS 1145, #8, 1 1/8 Names of the...