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beretta 391

  1. Beretta 303 vs 391 differences....opinions please

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    My son is getting into trap/skeet/5 stand. He's shot some and is really liking it so I want to get him better equipment. He is 11 and is about 110 lbs. I've had some input on the 303 and 391 due to their dependability. An A400 is a bit too bulky for him. What I'm after is understanding the...
  2. Shells for Beretta 391

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    I've posted a few threads while getting my first Beretta 391, specifically a Urika 2. It's a sporter and will only be used for sporting clays as I have a K-80 for skeet. 30'' barrel, the stock fits me perfectly since getting a new pad to adjust LOP. I also have the correct shim for cast and...
  3. Beretta 391 Urika 2, what bore measurement?

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    Hello again to all. I've been posting multiple threads asking questions to prepare for the 391 I'm receiving tomorrow. My next question is on bore diameters. The 12ga 391 I've purchased is an optima bore gun. At least thats what Pacific Sporting Arms told me, we'll see tomorrow. It only...
  4. Beretta 391 Urika 2 Question on Left Hand Shim.

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    Hello all: I am a left hand shooter who just purchased his first Beretta 391. It's on its way to me now. I understand how shims affect the cast and drop of my stock. SX is for lefties, DX for righties. The 391 stock has a slight right hand cast. Cole Guns has four listed: 42.5mm 40/45mm...
  5. Beretta 391 Urika 2 Sporting info

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    Hello All: I'm about to purchase a Beretta 391 Urika 2 Sporting. Any information I should know about the 391? I know it needs to be cleaned well, but what parts specifically? Any one know the difference between the Urika 2 from the others? Mose I know who shoot it can do so successfully...
  6. Beretta Front bead thread size

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    Can someone help me with the thread size on the front bead of Beretta 391 Urika TRAP shotgun. I can find the size of a field model of the Urika 391, but that is it. Thanks for any help. Terry Sandlin