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  1. Gunsmithing
    So I have a 391 Teknys and I want to replace the gas port exit guard (probably poor choice of wording) pictured here. It looks like it just sits in the groove but want everyones input on the circle area/part if that is pressed into place with a machine or if it "screws" in somehow from the...
  2. Shooting Related Discussions
    All, I'm glad to be a part of the group. I've been shooting since I have been 11. I'm looking to buy my "dream gun" in the $2,000-3,000 range. I only shoot trap, but may do some double birds. I want your guys' input on the Three Bs. I'm looking for a good O/U. What are your thoughts?
  3. For Sale
    Austin, TX Benelli M2 Field Shotgun 12-Gauge with 26" Barrel. Hardly used with only 200 rounds through it. It's just been sitting in my safe as I don't have any time to use it, so figured I would let it go. Amazing semi-auto shotgun with very low recoil. Asking $980 shipped to FFL of your...
  4. Shooting Related Discussions
    I am pretty happy with my O&U guns so my ADHD mind started to wonder and started to look at Autoloader again..... I hope to use the autoloader for plantation type hunt or mini 3-guns @ local clubs. I will also try to persuade my wife to try trap/skeet again with a lighter gun and less recoil...
  5. Shooting Related Discussions
    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I am waiting on my turkey to roast and found a few minutes to post the universal new shooter dilemma : "How can I narrow the field to a handful of 12 gauge Semi-Auto?" I have researched, maybe over researched this subject. Read online reviews, the forum, and...
  6. Hunting
    I am curious if any of you guys have any first hand experience with these guns. I am shooting an 11-87 20ga now but I think I want to upgrade to a Benelli. I shot a H&K SBE for 20 years until I switched to 20ga. I really miss the swing and balance of the SBE. Your thoughts are appreciated...
  7. Shooting Related Discussions
    I have been shooting trap for about 3 years now and have only seen 1 Benelli that I can think of. Any thoughts?
  8. Shooting Related Discussions
    I bought a Benelli Super Black Eagle couple months ago. One thing I have noticed is that after 10 shots I guess the choke tube becomes loose. I am currently using the factory extended choke tubes. Does anyone know any solutions for that?
  9. Gunsmithing
    Is there a way to reduce recoil on inertia driven shotguns without affecting reliability of the gun? I've seen some with mercury recoil reducers in the stock and didn't know if this was a good option or if there was any another option. Thanks for all the feedback!
  10. Shooting Related Discussions
    i never see anyone mention Benelli or Franchi on here. Are they mostly field guns. I think a Franchi is just a cheap Benelli but I may be wrong.
  11. Shooting Related Discussions
    New to the forum, just testing the waters/community, I've never, in my 18 years on earth, understood paying over $1000 on a shotgun.... I could sorta understand if it was a nasty 3-1/2 mag semi auto or maybe a neater semi auto 10 gauge, but not the run-of-the-mill over under or single barrel...
  12. Want to Buy/Trade Threads
    I posted a while back and got a few responses, the wife had not fully decided if she wanted one just yet. She recently made me aware she wants a 20 gauge Benelli with a short LOP such as a youth model. I will see how she feels about O/U went we go to the local shop to fit her out. I know she...
  13. Shooting Related Discussions
    What are the differences between Benelli Vinci Limited and the regular model
1-13 of 14 Results