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  1. Why spend a lot of money on a gun?

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    I am new to trap shooting and have seen a wide variety of opinions on purchasing a gun. I personally am a frugal individual who buys more on value than I do on brand name. After months of research I ended up purchasing a Tristar TT-15 Sporting O/U because for the price point there really isn't...
  2. Trap VS Skeet gun

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    What is the difference between a trap and a skeet gun? Also is it okay to use a 28” barrel for trap?
  3. New To Trap Shooting. Need some advice.

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    So recently I participated in Trap Shoot tournament for the Cancer Challenge(a local organization) I'm 17 and completely new to trap shooting. We had a practice the day before, where I felt pretty good, but the next day it all went downhill. I hit 10 targets of 100. I was pretty down about this...
  4. Practice Schedule

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    Hi I am new to the trap world (only been shooting shotguns since march) and I was wondering what would be the best way to practice. I competed in my state shoot last weekend and felt that I did terrible (164 of 200) so I would like to know what has worked for some of y'all in regards to...
  5. Benefit of Reloader

    I'm sorry if this question has been asked before, but how much do you have to shoot to justify getting a reloader? I am fairly new to Trap and was wondering how much I'd need to shoot to see a benefit from reloading my own shells. Also generally speaking what is the start up cost for getting...