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  1. For Sale
    Used 32" .740 bore Kolar barrels, my son decided to go to a tapered rib. These have some wear marks from normal handling and the fore end wear. They have always been cleaned after every few shoots or anytime we were near rain or snow. He always keeps them in a sock in the case with chokes...
    $3,750 USD
  2. Gunsmithing
    I have two older SBT guns (over 40 years) that are practically identical - even similar serial numbers. The barrels fit their respective gun but not the other. A fits A but not B. Are there trap shotguns that accept new barrels without the need for a fitting? Larry
  3. Gunsmithing
    I purchased 20GA barrels for my 682 12GA. The bottom barrel of the 20GA is 12 to 14" to the left at 20 yds with three different chokes full, IM and a Briley extended IM and three different shooters. I contacted Beretta and they said to send it in to be rethreaded. I'm not a machinist but I'm...
  4. For Sale
    K80 32" 12 ga barrels in very good condition. Barrels came off a gun I bought new just over 2 years ago. 6 Krieghoff and 6 Muller chokes available. $3300 for barrels only.
  5. Shooting Related Discussions
    1st time owner of Perazzi here. Just purchased TMX special. Before shooting it I sent to Don Rackley to install new locking block and other work. Absolute fabulous work by Don. I was able to shoot today and was blown away how soft it shot and pulverized clays. I looked into a stack of...
  6. For Sale
    I am selling a coupon good for barrel porting on one gun. The porting is done by Top-Line Porting in Ripley, TN and I hear from friends that they do good work. At $60 it is definitely a deal if you've ever looked into pricing for that sort of barrel work.
  7. Shooting Related Discussions
    Just got my first Perazzi not long ago, about a week or so ago. Love the gun, well balanced, points well and what not. Got an mx2000 unsingle only gun with the lower rib. Now I am in search of a set of double barrels. Have been doing alot of research across the web, seems like a set of mx8...
  8. Want to Buy/Trade Threads
    Looking to buy a set of MX2000 o/u barrels or compatible barrels. Looking for lengths 31.5" or greater. Fixed chokes either factory or Wilk tuned etc, but choke tubed barrels considered. Send a pm with what you have or post here.
1-8 of 8 Results