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    Hey all - I purchased a case of 12ga STEEL target loads for a sporting clays event at a club that only allows steel shot (rare around me). Anyways, when I got to the event I realized that the club required us to shoot their ammo, which they luckily had available. So own I have a case of shells...
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    Hello everybody, I was wondering what kind of shells will be for sale at the Spring Grand out in AZ. Just wanted to get some of the numbers for the trip cost. Thanks everyone, have a great day! -Chase H
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    Hey everybody, I was wondering if there are any vendors selling shells down at Linn Creek for the fall handicap. Thinking about going down for a weekend, but it would help if I had some shells!LOL Thanks in advance Chase H
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    Hello Shooter, I wanted to get everybody's thoughts about the new Federal Grand shell. Is it very comparable to the original "Gold Medals"? how does it perform to other premium shells? I have heard rumors that they are slower than their ancestors. Is the reduction of recoil very noticeable? I...
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    I was at shot show and noticed Aguila's mini shotshells for clays and while I normally don't use their ammo I wanted to see what people on here thought about them. I watched people shoot them and they sounded almost like a 22 and they could be great for those that are really recoil sensitive...
  7. For Sale
    I have 800pcs of 5.56/.223 brass I have no use for. I used to shoot a lot of rifle and pistol and saved it to reload but I never got into reloading it. I now shoot a lot of trap and I DO reload shells. So I'm dumping all my rifle and pistol supplies. It's all in good condition and I scrapped all...
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    Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone has any information on the purchase of pallets. Does it decrease the amount per case? What are the usual prices? And who can you get the pallets from if I'm located in Northern IL (looking for a website with the prices). Can you mix shells/ diiferent...
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    Just a heads up. Midway is having a clearance sale right now, it includes their ammunition and some of their reloading supplies. Federal Top Gun 7.5s: $6.01 a box or $59.95 a flat. Federal Top Gun 8s: $5.54 a box or $55.16 for a flat. Hornady Loader Bushings: $2.45 a piece Thousands of things...
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    The Illinois state shoot was this past week. My father and I decided we would shoot new shells and not worry about ftf's or dud shells. Boy were we wrong. Out of 8 cases of brand new light 8's we had a total of 8 light loads (bloopers). And out of 2 cases of extra lite 8's we had 2 shells not...
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    Just wondering if anybody has heard anything of the rebate for this year, or if there even is one. Chase .H. Subjr1
1-11 of 11 Results