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  1. For Sale- Participating Members only
    For sale, Beretta 680 series, 34 inch, labeled trap barrel. I bought this barrel from a member on here in January. Had it fitted to my 2018 686 beretta silver pigeon (non wide frame) by Coles in Maine. I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. It was ported before I received it. Comes with 1...
  2. Shooting Related Threads
    Hello All….I am very new to this world of trapshooting and I am ready to buy my first shotgun. Your advice would be appreciated. I have narrowed it down to either the Browning Citori CX or the Baretta 686 Silver Pigeon 1 sporting. Although I will be shooting trap most of the time, as the...
1-2 of 2 Results