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  1. Are you a Beretta Family?

    Shooting Related Threads
    Looking for few pictures for a Beretta ad that I want to do. Multi-generational - family of all ages with Beretta guns, Squad with Beretta's A person with lots of Beretta of different years - A400, 692, 682,680, 391, 303, S04..... Can be trap, sporting, hunting, handguns... If you post...
  2. Sold Beretta 692 12 Gauge O/U RH 32" (Price Drop)

    For Sale- Participating Members only
    I am selling my Beretta 692 12 gauge. There have been no modifications to this right hand over and under with 32" barrels. It comes with 5 factory chokes (C/SK/IC/M/IM), tools, an extra butt pad and locking case w/ cardboard cover. I'm asking $3000 shipping and insurance included. I purchased...
  3. For Sale Small Business SAT - BERETTA Cap/Shirt Specials

    Trapshooters Vendor Marketplace
    WOW, Here is a BLOWOUT DEAL, Beretta shipped me a crazy number of shirts and caps and said Just Try to sell them, so HAPPY HOLIDAYS Images attached. Good this weekend only. SALE ENDED PM me for choices-Colors Gray, Black, Blue, Brown, Green NO WHITE. Beretta USA Logo Short Sleeve T-Shirt
  4. 682x trap combo ejector loose, manual?

    N00b here, I've been shooting Citori for a while, and now I just got a used 682X trap combo. Bought it over the internet. Got it today. Everything seems to function fine, shot few rounds form the double barrel. But the single barrel ejector and the ejector pin were detached from the barrel...
  5. LTX vs. Summit vs. 682 Gold E

    Shooting Related Threads
    I'm wondering what everyone's experiences have been with these platforms with regard to longevity / overall craftsmanship? I get that this is a First World Problem but, I have all three and I'm not in a position to get out and really drive each gun individually to create some strong feelings...
  6. Want To Buy 682 trap stock

    Want to Buy/Trade Threads - Participating Members
    Brother needs a new right handed 682 trap stock. Can be aftermarket or factory, only thing he said is "Should be decent looking". Send pms of pictures and respond here. Trying to see what's out there for sale before he has a stock made. **current stock is separating at safety tang and may let...
  7. Beretta 682 trigger selector

    Shooting Related Threads
    I have an older 682. It will fire the lower barrel but not switch to the top barrel. However, if I set the selector to fire the top barrel, it works fine - the bottom sets and fires. I suspect that this is relatively simple to fix, but if anyone has had the problem, I'd like to hear from...
  8. Want To Buy Beretta 682 forend wood & metal

    Want to Buy/Trade Threads - Participating Members
    A friend of mine recently acquired a Beretta 682 from an estate. The gun is missing the forend wood and metal. I'm posting this for him to see if any are available Jose P