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  1. Want to Buy/Trade Threads
    I am looking for a very good to fancy stock and forearm for a Remington 1100 410ga. Thanks
  2. Shooting Related Discussions
    Looking to buy a set of choke tubes for a Rem 1100 410. I’ve got Briley in other guns, but not in Rem or in 410. Able Ammo has them for $40 in extended bright and $45 in extended black (plus shipping). I’ll be shooting mostly Win Target AA 2-1/2" 1/2 oz #9. Is Briley best for 410? Should I...
  3. Reloading
    I want to upgrade my press. Currently own a MEC 600 & 650 and they make a respectable round, but the grass is always greener.... I reload 12 and want to reload 410, and that limits my options. So I've been hunting the internet for honest, informational opinions about the Ponsness Warren...
  4. Want to Buy/Trade Threads
    Hello, I am looking for and older Wingmaster 410 or 16 gauge in very good condition. Would prefer vented rib but I would consider a smooth barrel also. Thanks
  5. Reloading
    I have two types of Remington hulls one is a nitro gold sporting clay and the other is a Remington max it's a black hull can't seem to find load data wanted to know if you guys know if I can reload these I'm brand new to reloading and all help would be appreciated
  6. Want to Buy/Trade Threads
    Looking for a 11-48 vented rib for a project I have going. Thanks
  7. For Sale
    For sale K32 28" Kreighoff 410 barrel for 12 ga. Barrels are choked skeet and skeet. Very good condition, minor handling marks, clean bores. $1,100 OBO + $30 shipping. Houston location. PM me or call 832-643-3815. I have shot this barrel on my K80 12 ga with no problems, works with existing...
  8. For Sale
    MEC Sizemaster single stage reloader for 410. Includes Universal Multi-scale charger bar ($47), large bottle rack with new bottles ($30) and original charge bar with bushings. All instructions and reloading info included. It is mounted on 3/4 plywood base with felt on bottom and is portable as...
1-8 of 8 Results