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  1. For Sale
    For sale is my Beretta 391 Black Gold Sporting Cole custom with a 30" barrel, lengthened forcing cone, and all parts polished. Has jeweled bolt and jeweled bent shell carrier, has extra springs, Pure gold bolt release and trigger pin. Has 5 factory extended choke tubes, CYL,SK, IC, M, IM and a...
    $2,200 USD
  2. For Sale
    Release trigger for 391. I sold the gun, this trigger came with it when I bought it. I’ve never used it. 1st “I’ll take it” wins. Brett
    $150 USD
  3. For Sale
    I have a used Release trigger for a Beretta 390/391, may fit 303 or others. I sold my Beretta 391 so no longer need it. The hook has SPEER stamped in it. Trigger shows wear in the gold but does not affect function of the trigger. The safety is pinned off, but can be made to function again I...
    $185 USD
  4. For Sale
    I have a used release trigger for a Beretta 390/391 available. It may fit a 303 also, I don't know. Not known who created this trigger but the hook appears to have "SPEAR" engraved on the side of it. It functions fine. The safety is pinned but pretty sure it can be reverted to operate as normal...
    $200 USD
  5. Gunsmithing
    So I have a 391 Teknys and I want to replace the gas port exit guard (probably poor choice of wording) pictured here. It looks like it just sits in the groove but want everyones input on the circle area/part if that is pressed into place with a machine or if it "screws" in somehow from the...
  6. For Sale
    Selling my 28" Beretta 391 12G barrel. It is a Sporting barrel but not the version with the mid-bead. Chokes are Optima Bore and includes 4 extended chokes (SK, IC, IM and F). I purchased this from Beretta direct for skeet as I have the 30" 391 Sporting , but really didn't use it much. This...
  7. Gunsmithing
    Odd Question: I was recently in my safe and noticed the dark wood on my 391 Urika 2 Sporting is not as dark as I recall. My safe is in my garage and has a rechargeable dehumidifier in it. Crazy question, but can dark colored stocks/forends have their color lightened when stored in a low...
  8. Want to Buy/Trade Threads
    Interested in buying a beretta 20ga either a 390 or 391--30" or 28" barrel. Probably would prefer a 390 synthetic actually---it will be a hunting gun---wood is great too though. (I just don't feel as bad when I scratch plastic.) Thanks!
  9. Vendor Deals
    Wow, $25 thats about $20 off of Retail plus shipping. These are NEW Silver extended. Simply closing them out as mostly fits 391 line -Xtrema and Teknys. Have all available, Cylinder up to Xtra Full. Get these new ones while you can Make sure that you need Optima Plus, not Optima or Optima HP...
  10. Shooting Related Discussions
    Looking for few pictures for a Beretta ad that I want to do. Multi-generational - family of all ages with Beretta guns, Squad with Beretta's A person with lots of Beretta of different years - A400, 692, 682,680, 391, 303, S04..... Can be trap, sporting, hunting, handguns... If you post...
  11. Shooting Related Discussions
    Any feedback on these guns? I've heard they're like a Beretta 390/391. Is this true? If you own one, post your round count and how it holds up.
1-11 of 11 Results