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  1. For Sale
    1 Beretta Optima Skeet SP Choke 12 Gauge (Band is Red). Lightly used in very good to excellent condition. Price is $35.00 including First Class Mail shipping. PayPal, Check or Money Order.
  2. For Sale
    Rottweil Single Trap, 12 GA O/U Unsingle with high rib, great gun in good condition, slight scratch on stock and on scuff on top of rib. One-owner gun, very little use since purchased. Gun is 100% stock, no changes or modifications made to any part of the gun since purchased new. For those...
  3. For Sale
    * Brand New Collet & extra parts too * Extra Springs- Primer-Index spring & charge bar spring * Powder Baffle * Owners Manual * 12 Bushing * Charge Bars - 1 1/8- 1 oz.. - 7/8 oz. Location Weymouth Ma $ 295 I can also meet you @ Old Colony Sportsmen's , Pembroke PM me or call 617 908 5629 Jim
1-3 of 3 Results