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New to forum, started discussion on a previous thread. Sent my 1994 Citori in for misfire issues. After many delays and miscommunications with Browning service, I finally got my gun back from Browning, only to find marred metal on the rib, some bead work not completed and over a half dozen press marks on the stock & forearm.

I also asked for the old parts to be returned. All that was in the shipping box was a brass bead that was replaced with a pearl one. No shipping invoice.
This gun had less than five boxes of shells ran through it. It never fired consistently from the time it left the box. It set on the case for well over 20 year and was on near mint condition. Recently I despised to give it a second chance. This rebuild cost over $500 dollars. I was told by on rep, the inertia block system would be replaced with a “featherlight system” which after a little research I discovered was a mechanical system and could no way be swapped out. This Saga started in October 2020.
Needless to say, my A5 order was canceled and I’m now looking at a Beretta to fill it’s place as my waterfowl gun.


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