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WMCC FennvilleRod&Gun Calcutta Results 6/9/13 !!

Discussion in 'Shoot Information, EVENTS, Clinics & Results' started by Cody4gold, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. Cody4gold

    Cody4gold Active Member

    Apr 28, 2010
    Today started out with great weather and just got better starting with a pancake breakfast and protections kicking off at 10am with the last one i heard being called out was #14 at 12 noon for the deadline for the calcutta and lunch being ready with brats from the grill coleslaw ,bake beans ,chips and salsa and tons of cakes and treats washing it down with cold pop or coffee or a cooler full of ice water supplied by Midway Chevrolet in Plainwell,Mi 49080, And a Big Thank You goes out to all the volunteers at FR&GC for making it a great place to shoot...now a few pics
    And we have to give a shoutout to and few people for supporting our shooting sports today by donating some added money today to the shoots we had Zeeland Blacktop Inc. owned by Perry Moore put in some added money today so when you see him be sure to tell him thank you for his support and if your in need of any blacktop work be sure you give them a call, I did for my driveway and what a great job they do ! And we had Midway Chevrolet in Plainwell also add some money to the pot today they are big supporters of the shooting sports and always helping the clubs so when you run into Craig McClaine at the club be sure to say thanks or better yet stop by Midway Chevrolet and tell the whole crew thanks and who knows you might just leave with a brand new shiny Chevrolet , And last but not least a shoutout also to Fennville Rod & Gun Club for the added money they put in also its not like they dont all ready go above and beyond to give us a great place to shoot, they show there appreciation by giving even more to the shooters Thank You !!!!




    As you can see no shortage of shooters today and did you notice the new cement walk ways between stations man they turned out great ..
    We had people all day today gathering around catching up with eachother and watching the shoots between rounds and enjoying the weather
    We had the peanut galley here watching and it not hard to see there having a good time look at all those smiles
    And here we have Rick & Tim Schanz in a shootoff with Zack & Clayton Marshall ad i wont expose who won the shootoff by im pretty sure the price of shot is going up to cover some loses ( At least thats a nice Midway Chevrolet Sign Huh !)
    And we had Randy Hook show up today i think thats 2 weeks in a row must be rerun season going on or the big screen is still on the fritz..
    And yes incase your wondering Randy did bring his partner in crime Gary Metheny here is is with Rick Schanz he is trying to convince Rick since he bought a set of tires he thinks he should get a discount on the next bag of shot..
    And here we have Big Daddy Rick Ski trying to console Tim D. for missing there last target and losing the shootoff..

    And here we have Remington Watching Rick shoot in that shootoff he doesnt look to impressed ..
    Speaking of the Ski's i need to pass this along ...Any interest contact Matt Mickelson !! ow lets see the first calcutta board
    Today we had 2-75 bird calcuttas 1 draw one pick first was the draw calcutta we had 6squads for 23 teams ..

    And in First place with a 75 straight was Todd Delp and Randy Hook Great Shooting Guys !!

    In second with the only 73 we had Perry Moore and Buck Roberts

    In third 3 teams tied at 71 and Doc and Chuck won the shootoff.

    In fourth at 70 was a split with Clayton Marshall & Phil Jones and Mike E. & Doug E.

    In fifth Harry Lausman and Dan Johnson winning the shootoff

    And sixth Scott E. & Dave K winning that shootoff

    Good Shooting Everyone..
    And a pic of the winners Randy (Matt's T.V. Buddy) Hook & Todd(Matt's Hero) Delp Great shooting guys!!!

    And the second board from the 75 bird pick your partner...

    In First place we had another 75 straight with Todd(Now im really Matt's Hero)Delp and Tall Paul Great Shooting Guys ...

    In second we had Perry Moore and Anthony Seekman in at 74

    In third we had 2teams at 73 and they split Jack Patton and Ken Sims and Gary Metheny and Randy Hook

    In fourth we had 3 teams tied and Chuck and Buck winning the shootoff

    And in fifth we had 3teams tied and got down to 2 teams and they split Phil J and Dan VH and Bob Richmond and Doug Evert ..

    Good Shooting Everyone !!!
    And one last pic to sum it up a big hats off and thumbs up to Fennville Rod & Gun Club for another Great Shoot and a shoutout to Anthony Seekman its his birthday today Happy Birthday Anthony !!!
  2. tdgoose

    tdgoose Member

    Feb 11, 2011
    Matt Who ???

    Oh well just wanted to chime in and say thanks to Fennville Gun Club for a

    great little shoot!

    And also thanks to the sponsors for the added money

    -Midway Chevrolet

    -Zeeland Blacktop Inc.-Perry Moore

    -Fennville Gun Club

    And also thanks to all the great trap help and other volunteers

    Happy Birthday Anthony

    Thanks again TD.
  3. pullbangloss

    pullbangloss Active Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Matt who? That's funny. Delp is going to force me to come out of retirement.

    Good shooting. It's always nice to shoot with Hook and Paul. They can carry anyone to victory!

    Matt Ski
  4. xtxt

    xtxt Active Member

    Jul 12, 2010
    Great job everyone Yes it was an Awesome shoot as always.

    Thank You

    Don S.
  5. Ol Faithful

    Ol Faithful Member

    Mar 8, 2011
    Great Job Fennville!

    It's Always a Blast At Your Little Old Gun Club At The End Of A Dirt Road

    Shoot Where You Look. Paul

    YOUNG GUN Member

    Mar 5, 2010
    Matt still waiting on a birthday present from you. I hear Mx 10s shoot pretty nice.

  7. cindyfenn

    cindyfenn Member

    Feb 24, 2010
    Fennville Michigan
    Thanks to everybody for a great day - rain held off and it was a beautiful day.

    I think the last event - the Back Door shoot with the loaner gun was the most interesting event though. Same gun, same shells - what an equalizer. More than 1 person got a ZERO and I wasn't one of them (for once - haha!)

    A lot of shooters need to practice with 1 ounce loads.....