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WMCC Fennville R&GC Calcutta Results 4/14/13 !!!

Discussion in 'Shoot Information, EVENTS, Clinics & Results' started by Cody4gold, Apr 14, 2013.

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  1. Cody4gold

    Cody4gold Active Member

    Apr 28, 2010
    Today at FR&GC started out cold and with some snow but that didnt stop the shooters from showing up from far and wide ,not only shooters but lots of people showing up for the Pancake Breakfast that has started now on the second sunday of the month,protections started at 10am with 14 or 15 being shot before the calcutta sign up at noon ,lunch today was brats on the grill ,chicken pasta salad ,baked beans ,breenbean casserole with a cheesy twist to it(very good) and desserts as always Thank You for all the help and to W.C. for his great work on the grill and to all the volunteers and cooks for another great meal ,and to all the help running the shoot like Cindy,Perry,Brian,Joey,Bre,Zach and to anyone i forget Thank You!!! now a few pics..
    First of all it was good to see Todd Delp show up (center right) and be shooting with Matt again !




    As you can see no shortage of shooters today no matter the weather still lots of fun to be had..
    We had Big Daddy stop by today we havent seen him in a while Rick Ski ,he finaly got a sunday off from work and told me he was here to try to make some extra cash for groceries and boy did he but more on the later, (btw Matt you owe me $50.00 i heard you died and i sent flowers ,Daddy told me your still around and that is why he needs the groceries )
    And Ron Engelsman and his grandaughter Tiffany Schippa stopped by today also to join in ,,
    And Lou O. showed up with his son Pat which is always a strong team ( and someday im going to learn how to spell his last name )
    And here we have Rich Schanz holding his Johnson ville Brat between rounds watching the action and filling up on protien he said he needed the strength he got Hank in the second calcutta as a partner !!
    And Gary Metheny (left) and Larry Farrell (right) but no Randy Hook,Matt(Who)Ski,or Steve VV we did find out where they were at thou but more on that later ..
    And who could forget Trap Legend (in his own mind ) Bob Richmond he even came down today to join in.
    And Bryan Lynch's son Aiden where else with Bre but this time im pretty sure he is only trying to learn the ropes of being a future trapper ,if so he is learning from one of the best there is ..



    All day today we had people either inside warming up between rounds and talking with friends or outside watching the action ,it was easy to see everybody having a good time at Fennville R&GC as always ..now let get to the first calcutta board

    Today we had 4 squads ,20 teams and in first place..

    At 50 Straight we had Rick Ski & Gary Metheny (still no Matt,Hook or Steve thou ) Great shooting guys

    In Second with the only 49 Was Todd Delp (Matt's Hero) & Dan VH.

    In Third we had Doc & Larry Farrell with score of 48

    And in Fourth was a tie at 47 and Bryan Lynch and Pat O. took the win Great shooting by everyone guys ..
    And a picture of the first place winners with a fifty straight Rick Ski & Gary Metheny Great shooting ,and Btw the answer to the burning question where was Hook,Matt and Steve they were over Hooks watching the Masters while Rick and Gary were being the Masters!! ok on to a few more pics then the second calcutta..


    As you can see in the pictures by the second calcutta the skies had cleared but the wind picked up making for some tough targets ..

    So in the second calcutta we had 5 squads and 21

    In first we had a 6 way tie at 48 which got down to 2 teams that split Brian Lester & Joe B. split with Bob Richmond & Larry Farrell (And Hook,Gary wanted me to mention for you to notice that he was one of the teams tied for first in the second calcutta also after winning the first one so he said his gun is all adjusted now and he threw his wrenches away)

    In second at a lone score of 47 Rick Ski & Vern Beasley (And Matt,nows the time to hit Daddy up for some golfing money he's loaded today )

    In third 5 teams tied at 46 and im sorry i didnt get that score but ill add later if i can find out the winners..

    In fourth at 45 and a tie Bill P. & Doug E. came out the winners

    In Fifth a tie at 43 and Big Steve and Clayton Marshall winning the shootoff..

    So another great shoot at FR&GC which comes as no surprize Thank You to everyone of the great volunteers for making it possible i know i speak for all of us in saying we are very lucky to have all these great clubs in the WMCC and remember Allegan is next week !!!!
  2. pullbangloss

    pullbangloss Active Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    So Rick shoots with Gary and breaks 50. Todd shoots with Gary and breaks 48? I guess Todd got tired out shooting with his Daddy during the protections.

    Good shooting Rick and Gary! The Mental Management training I gave the old man certainly paid off!

    Nice report Doug. Heard you want to challenge me on the links? I'm game and I'm easy!

    Matt Ski
  3. cindyfenn

    cindyfenn Member

    Feb 24, 2010
    Fennville Michigan
    Thanks everybody for coming out today. The trappers were so efficient we had time for a 3rd calcutta - 2 full squads. Sorry I don't have those results but it seems like a good time was had by all.

    WHEN is spring going to arrive?????

  4. xtxt

    xtxt Active Member

    Jul 12, 2010
    Thanks Doug GREAT JOB

    To all that helped one awesome shoot. The weather was strange had snow to start and sun and 61 Deg.in the after noon?

    Have a good one

    Don S.
  5. rivers

    rivers Member

    Jan 22, 2011

    When was the last time you seen Gary smiling like this?????????????

    Kind of weird right???????

  6. rivers

    rivers Member

    Jan 22, 2011

    The last time if my memory is correct was when Big Steve stuffed DT in the snow bank.


  7. pullbangloss

    pullbangloss Active Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Last time I saw Gary smile like that is when Hook told him "I'm not going to shoot another protection, you can find someone else."

    Sorry Hook. Haven't seen you in a while so I have to make up for it, lol.

    Matt Mickelson
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