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WMCC Fennville GRAND August 11-12

Discussion in 'Shoot Information, EVENTS, Clinics & Results' started by BornToScore, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. BornToScore

    BornToScore TS Member

    Mar 24, 2010
    Welcome Shooters,

    Well it's that time of year again to throw a birthday party at the Fennville Rod and Gun Club as we turn 58 years old!!! What a journey its been!!!

    Please read everything thoroughly as I will explain everything in detail. This is kinda the "rules" for the weekend.

    Friday, August 10th:

    We will begin shooting with our usual Fennville Friday Night Fun Shoot. Although its not the last Friday of the month, it will be operated the same way. Shooting start around 5:00 PM with the 50 Bird A-B Calcutta (16 and 20 yard) starting around 7:30 PM with the auction.

    Saturday, August 11th:

    The club opens at 10:00 AM with protections and 5 man teams. (I will go into more details on the 5 man teams below). Once we have all the 5 man teams registered for Saturday, we will shoot all registered 5 man teams using fields 2 and 3. Protections will continue to be shot on field 1 until all 5 mans teams are done shooting. Once 5 man teams are over, we will be shooting a 50 Bird DRAW calcutta from the 23 and 25 yard. After the calcutta is over, we will continue to shoot games of the shooters choice.

    Also on Saturday is our Individual Skeet Tournament. This also starts at 10:00 AM. Once shooters have signed up, they will shoot two rounds of skeet to shoot the best score of 50 targets. The entry fee is $15.00 and the number of payouts depends on the number of shooters we get. This will take place on the SECOND SKEET Field. The Skeet Tournament will continue until the auction starts in which registration will be closed and the final shooters will hit the skeet field. Any ties will be settled with the shooters shooting off.

    Sunday August 12th:

    Very similar to Saturdays list of events MINUS the Skeet Tournament. Shooting will start at 10:00 AM with protections and 5 man teams. Once the 5 man teams are done shooting, a 50 Bird DRAW Calcutta will be shot from the 23 and 25 yard lines. Once again, we will be shooting games of the shooters choice after the calcutta for the ones interested.


    (This may be the most important part)

    5 MAN TEAMS: ($20.00 a man, $100 a team)

    As I mentioned, 5 man teams will be shot on Trap Fields 2 and 3. Unlike previous years, teams will be shooting BOTH Traps. The teams will start by shooting the 21 yard on trap 2 and shooting the 25 yard on trap 3. Shooters are Required to have BOTH boxes of shells with them before shooting the 21 yard. Immediately following the 21 yard, they will go to field 3 to shoot the 25 yard. (Similar to calcutta)

    In addition, shooters are allowed to shoot on NO MORE THAN 2 TEAMS, However, no team may have more than 2 of the same shooters. Also, this year we are keeping all scores "hidden" until all 5 man teams are done on Sunday. All teams will be thrown into the same pot for payouts in which the 1st and 2nd highest scores will be payed out. The rest of the payouts will be determined by Lewis ATA Standards. This is the best way to level the playing field across all teams. The total number of payouts depends on the total number of 5 man teams entered.

    PROTECTIONS: ($5.00 A Shooter / $10.00 a team)

    If someone is signed up on a protection when their 5 man team is called out, they will be removed from the protection sheet and placed on a later one. The 5 man teams WILL take priority over protections. Similar to previous years, designated shoot-off locations will be used. If the teams shoot a score of 0 (zero), they may shoot again at the same spot. However, if teams tie with a score of 1 or 2, they must move back. We need to speed up the time of shoot-offs in the protections so people aren't waiting as long to shoot.

    CALCUTTAS: ($10.00 a shooter)

    Only change here will be the shootoffs. Like normal, the tied teams will shoot the designated yardage (Friday: 25 yard.......Saturday,Sunday: 27 yard) a maximum of 2 times shooting 10 birds. If ties remain, the first tied team will pick a location off of the shooting pads.

    Please feel free to Contact me with a private message or to reply to this thread with any questions or concerns.

    Thanks! Hope to see a large turnout and good weather!

    Eric Yonkers

    F.R.G.C Rangemaster
  2. xtxt

    xtxt Active Member

    Jul 12, 2010
    Thankyou Eric for the post, I know it will be an awesome weekend.

    Looking forward to It

    Don S.
  3. BIGBIRD49

    BIGBIRD49 Member

    Feb 26, 2012
    Sounds like a great program.

  4. cindyfenn

    cindyfenn Member

    Feb 24, 2010
    Fennville Michigan
    Appreciate the post Eric and all of the details. Some teams have registered already - looks like great weather.

    Hope to see lots of shooters!

  5. moore5833

    moore5833 TS Member

    Apr 6, 2009
    WHAT? I dont get it? (JK) Nice post Eric, sums it up neatly. Should be a fun weekend!!!Perry
  6. Fire8702

    Fire8702 TS Member

    Feb 24, 2012
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