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WMCC Fennville Grand 2011 Pics and Some Results !!

Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by Cody4gold, Aug 13, 2011.

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  1. Cody4gold

    Cody4gold Active Member

    Apr 28, 2010
    Fennville Rod and Gun's 2011 Grand Weekend started off with Bang Friday afternoon with lots of people showing up and lots of shooting going on with protections being shot on trap feilds one and two, even when trap two breaks down Fennville doesnt skip a beat thou they just move over to trap three and keep on shooting , great idea Fennville in putting in a third field this year it kept the shoot going strong and everybody having a great time i cant even remember how many protections were shot but i do know there was 31 teams in the 50 bird pick your partner Calcutta but before we get to those results lets talk food and see some random pics of Friday Night as always the food at Fennville was great with burgers and hotdogs on the grill ,pasta salad,potato salad,baked beans,fresh veggies,chips and dip and tons of desserts and now some pics before we get to the Calcutta board


    As you can see lots of shooters having a great time i'm i didnt get as many pics of the protections as i would of liked but i was trying to shoot a few myself and join in on the fun now a few from the clubhouse
    Here we have a couple new comers that Bob Richmond invited to join us His son inlaw Doug and Grandaughter Casey
    Even Ron's grandaughter Rocky's daughter had a friend show up to enjoy the fun and cookout Tiffany and Alyssa
    And here i got a tip from Heather Essenberg Scott's daughter how she shoots so well listen up guys you have to strech it out and get loose
    And here we have our local celebrity Jordan Dekker telling me how glad he is he didnt accept Steve Vv's invitation to go to the Manilow concert tonight

    And here we have a pair of the best trappers you will find Bre Leeuw & Eric Yonkers showing off there new shirts (Great job as always )
    And here we have W.C & Don Stevens talking over a important matter or maybe there just saying how good the food was but im sure they were having a good time ok lets get closer to the calcutta board
    Here we have Eric Y. Perry M. and Brian L. running the auctions for us which took a long time with 31 teams great turnout tonight
    And here we have Brian E. asking Hank to shoot with him you can tell by the expression on Hank's face how excited he is about it ok lets get to the board
    As i said 31 teams in the Calcutta and all but 3 teams were in shootoffs thats how close the scores were tonight we had 4 teams with a perfect 50 straight's with a Husband and Wife team winning the shootoff Ron Riley and Barb Riley great shooting and second 4 teams at 49 with Tim Schanz and Mike Bork winning that shootoff third 6 teams at 48 with Jason & Dan winning 3rd fourth 4 at 47 and Anthony Seekman and Perry Moore winning 4th fifth 2 teams tied and Mick Yonkers and Marc taking 5th sixth 2 teams tied and another husband and wife team winning tonight for 6th Rod & Sue and 7th 2 teams at 44 and Tom B. & George winning and last place but not least btw was where i was at tonight and i lost the shootoff to Ron H. and Stu great shooting by everyone well except me i stunk but i had fun now a couple of pics of the winners and onto Saturday
    Here are our winners for Friday Night Grand weekend 2011 Barb & Ron Riley great shooting with a 50 straight
    And here we have the Red Team Tim Schanz & Mike Bork our second place winners for the 2011 Grand friday night shoot with a score of 49 good shooting guys now one more pic before we move onto saturday
    Here we have Cindy Yonkers and Kim that shot a great score tonight with 48 and Cindy beat Hubby Mick and Son Trapper Eric tonight in the program BUT this ladies team had beat all of us other guys with that great score But in the shootoff double gunned on the first bird in the shootoff and ran the next 9 and would of had it won i wont say who it was BUT CINDY you owe me a pic on the double gun bench sunday ( whoops did i just give it away who it was , my bad )now some pics from saturday





    Saturday started out wet in the morning then stopped raining so we could get in so shooting and as you can see another big turnout for today even with the rain


    And a couple pics of the team shoots and it was great to see we had a womens team signed up for today shooting also i didnt get any team scores today but hope to post them tomorrow on here now a few more pics from todays
    Here we have Chip Ski ( A.K.A. Matt) and Todd Delp , Todd was calling Matt Chip today because of all the chipping and chunking he was doing
    And heres Matt showing me the back up empty of Todds that Saved the day and won the protection ( dont even want to know why Todd is shooting pink shells and im pretty sure Matt rides with Todd .
    And here we fast forward 1 year to 2011 Fennville Grand and Perry Moore is in the same seat as last year for double gunning Tim Schanz today
    And we had a mystery guest show up today on saturday we need to see id Steve Vv can help us out to identify him

    Then in the afternoon the clouds rolled in and it started to rain so we had to stop the team shoots for awhile
    here we have Jack P,Matt Ski,Todd D,Ron R.,and Gary P enjoying some cards while there waiting for the rain to stop
    And here you can tell how interested Randy Hook is in what Don Stevens is telling him Randy has his earplugs in and was just doing alot of nodding to what Don was saying ok a couple more pics from the club and hopefully someone has the results from the calcutta today i couldnt stay for the whole thing and ill get more pics for tomorrow for the big finish of the 2011 Fennville Grand

    and now one last pic to end this for saturday
    Here we have Matt Ski surrounded by ALL of his friends !! Now lets get to sunday some random pics ..
    Sunday started out cloudy with the threat of rain but it didnt stay long and the team shoots and the protections never hit a glitch they kept moving on with everyone in good spirts



    As you can see lots of people turnout out for the shoot and a great breakfast and lunch , lunch today was grilled chicken on the grill ,mashed potatos and gravy ,pasta salad , potato salad , deviled eggs ,fresh veggies and dip , green bean cassrole , pies and cakes who could ask for anything better thank you everybody who worked so hard on making all the great food now let see a couple more pics before we get to the team scores and the calcutta boards
    Here we have Matt Ski paying Todd Delp to shoot with him ( Matt was having a bad day )
    And it didnt work out with Todd so here Matt is paying Steve Vv to shoot with him ...ps. that didnt workout either
    Finaly Matt cons Cindy Yonkers to shoot with him ... ok now lets see the board for the team shoots
    We had 22 teams shooting over saturday and sunday with some really good scores , with the top score being 240 out of 250, 2nd was 239 , 3rd 235 and 4th 230 , the teams were, 4 P'S and a B with 1st place at 240 ,Calcutta Cowboys in 2nd with 239 , The Chumps in 3rd with 235 , Gun Runners in 4th with 230 good shooting everybody , High Gun for Saturday was Matt Ski with a perfect 50 , High Gun for Sunday was Todd Delp with another perfect 50 , High team for Saturday was 4 P's and a B with 240 and High Team for Sunday was Calcutta Cowboys with 239 great shooting guys , now some more random pics before the Calcutta board
    Here is where Todd ditched Matt to shoot with a better shooter Anthony Seekman
    See the smiles not hard to see everyone always has a good time at Fennville Rod and Gun Club
    And here we have Matt Ski blaming Steve Vv for the miss
    Here we have Trevor B thanking Daddy Tom B for saving his butt in the shootoff by crushing the targets Trevor missed, good shooting Tom , now lets get to the Calcutta board
    As always the scores were very tight with 25 teams and all but 3 teams being in a shootoff, we had 2 teams tied at 50 straight with Todd Delp and John B & Gary P and Harry spliting the win , 2nd was 5 teams tied and Scott E and Steve Vv winning the shootoff , 3rd was 7 tied at 48 with Caleb and Bill R winning the shootoff , 4th was 5 teams tied and Roger H and Doug S winning and 5th we had 2 teams tied at 47 and Cindy Y got Matt Ski to that shootoff but he was to heavy of a load for Cindy to carry and Bill S and Dan D take the shootoff .....All in all a great weekend at Fennville for there 2011 Fennville Grand Thanks so Much to all the help at the club you all must be very tired from the long weekend working so hard so we could all have fun ....now a couple more pics to wrap up a great weekend
    We were all happy to see Ed Noteboom back to the club shooting with us Saturday and Sunday
    And last but not least one of the Girls teams we had shooting this year good to see so many women and young shooters at the club ...ill sign off now and let the jokes and photoshopping begin !!!!!
  2. Cody4gold

    Cody4gold Active Member

    Apr 28, 2010
  3. pullbangloss

    pullbangloss Active Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    I sound like a broken record every week but GREAT job reporting Doug. Don't know why I keep giving you the props after all the razzing you give me, lol.

    And a BIG thanks to everyone from Fennville who helped make this weekend a succcess! There are too many names to list but the club in whole deserves a big round of applause!

    Till next year...

    Matt Ski
  4. xtxt

    xtxt Active Member

    Jul 12, 2010
    Wow Doug that's a lot of fun rolled up in an awesome weekend at the Fennville Grand weekend. Glad I could be there for all three days of shooting. Thanks for all the pics they bring a smile to my face.

    Great job Fennville it was a job well done,thanks to all who helped.

    Have a good one

    Don S.
  5. fishguts

    fishguts Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Looks like nothing but a great time and lots of fun.........

  6. Lostbyone

    Lostbyone TS Member

    Feb 24, 2010
    It sure felt good to be back shooting with my friends. Fennville always does a great job. Ed N.
  7. cindyfenn

    cindyfenn Member

    Feb 24, 2010
    Fennville Michigan
    Ed, it was great to see you out again. Thanks for joining us, hope to see more of you!

  8. cindyfenn

    cindyfenn Member

    Feb 24, 2010
    Fennville Michigan

    Thanks to everyone for coming out and making this years GRAND a huge success. The weekend didn't quite go as planned due to a machine issue and restricting us to two ranges. Really appreciate all the shooters being patient with us as rounds were sometimes delayed.

    Thanks to all the volunteers that helped all week long preparing the grounds, resecuring light pole on field 2, moving flag pole, setting up tents, shooting sheets, food, etc to make the weekend move along smoothly. I was really impressed to see how much got done from the weekend before to the Friday Night.

    As everyone has enjoyed the pictures, lets put into persepective how much shooting actually took place over the GRAND weekend:

    - 39 Protections (over half averaging 8 teams) (Appr. 5760 birds)

    - 23 5 man Teams (46 trap rounds) (Appr. 5750 birds)

    - 4 Calcuttas - (32 teams, 19 teams, 15 teams, 25 teams) (Appr. 4550 birds)

    - Skeet Tournament (12 Shooters) (Appr. 600 birds)

    - 5 open Rounds (Appr. 500 birds)

    - 2 Three Guns up, 2 Back Doors (Appr. 250 birds)

    All in all, a rough estimate of 17,400 birds were thrown over the 3 days of shooting. Really impressive for only two trap fields and 1 Skeet field operating!!! Hats off to the Fennville Rod and Gun Club, Everyone volunteering throughout the weekend, and all the shooters for showing up to allow this to happen!!!

    Looking forward to another great weekend during the Walleye Shoot. Keep eyes on the existing thread! And we WILL be running three ranges that weekend!!! :D

    Also, like others have said, great to see Ed N. back to the circuit and shooting. Has been awhile since we have seen you at Fennville and was great to have you back!

    Thanks again to everyone showing up this weekend!!


    F.R.G.C Rangemaster!
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