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WMCC Bloomingdale Calcutta Results 5/6/12 !!

Discussion in 'Shoot Information, EVENTS, Clinics & Results' started by Cody4gold, May 6, 2012.

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  1. Cody4gold

    Cody4gold Active Member

    Apr 28, 2010
    Today we had a pretty good turn out at Bloomingdale C.C. with great weather and lots of protections being shot starting at 10am right up to the sign up deadline for the first calcutta, 10 full squads in all and 19 teams in the first calcutta ,for lunch today was pulled bbq pork .baked beans ,coleslaw , fruit salad and tons of desserts as always Thank You Bloomingdale C.C. for another great lunch ,now lets see some pics from today before the first calcutta board ...


    As you can see great weather and full squads enjoying the shoot today ..
    We even got Big Steve to stop by and shoot today ..
    And John Sudekis stopped by to have breakfast and watch a little shooting ,John is on the mend after having surgery hurry back John !
    And Bob Richmond giving me the stink eye , with the look of i dare you to say something ...
    And Perry Moore here wondering where his sidekick Anthony was i can tell you Perry !!
    He was trying to talk Randy Hook into shooting protections with him i heard him say Perry's just not shooting up to my expectations today !!
    And Steve VV with his CZ 17HMR Trap Model saying if my lil bro Matt Ski was here i could even use this and still beat him !!
    And here we have Hull Gull A.K.A Todd Delp picking up the once fired's ,he said since lil bro Matt Ski didnt show up today so he could get some easy money from him Todd said he could sell the emptys on the open market for 6 cents ea. beats taking pop cans back like Matt HUH !!
    And Gary M. testing the waters fishing for a new partner for protections since Anthony is trying to get Hook..
    And Billy R. wondering where lil bro Matty is he felt bad and told me if he only knew Matt couldnt afford the dollar for the jug he would lend him one !
    And a big Thank You goes out to Joel VV for helping out as a trapper today i know its hard to believe Steve VV is his Uncle ..
    And a Thank You goes out to Rick Schanz and Tom Bouma for running the auction for us great job, now lets see the first calcutta board ,,

    And of 19 teams only one place had a shootoff all other places was won out right and in first we had at 49 Steve VV and Chuck E. 2nd went to Perry Moore and Louie K.at 48 and 3rd was the only shoot off with 3 teams and got down to 2 teams that split Rick Schanz and Don Stevens and Mike Bork and Chris and 4th went to Ken Sims and Dan Johnson at 46 good shooting everyone and thank you again to Bloomingdale C.C. for hosting another great shoot .. and i couldnt stay for the second calcutta but hopefully Steve will email me a pic of the board later...
  2. pullbangloss

    pullbangloss Active Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    It's nice to see a father/son team come together for a win. Almost brings a tear to my eye.

    Matt Ski
  3. xtxt

    xtxt Active Member

    Jul 12, 2010

    Wait for it.

    Don S.
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