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WMCC Bloomingdale 100 Bird Calcutta Results 4/7/13

Discussion in 'Shoot Information, EVENTS, Clinics & Results' started by Cody4gold, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. Cody4gold

    Cody4gold Active Member

    Apr 28, 2010
    Today started out windy and cold today and the scores showed it to ,tough shooting going on but in no way did that stop it from being a Big turnout today with lots of shooters ,it all started at 8am with a big breakfast and shoting starting at 9:30 with protections with 14 or 15 being shot before the 11:30 sign up deadline ,which you know is alot in 2 hours time all due to the great help we had today and good organization by the club today with all the volunteers and trappers ,and on the menu for lunch today was meatloaf,scalloped potatoes,greenbean casserole,corn and tons of desserts ,so to start with lets see a few pics from today....-
    First of all we are blessed to live in the Untied States where we are still free and can enjoy our sport like we do, be sure to stand up for our rights givin to us by the Constitution as little by little there trying to take it away from us by all the laws there trying to pass which is Unconstitutional ,write your Senators and let them know how you feel its very important !!!!!

    And to start out with i'd like to Thank Midway Chevrolet once again for there support today in the shooting sports today they added $200.00 dollars to the purse ,so if your need a new vehicle or are driving by stop in and say Thank You for all they do in supporting the shooting sports @ Midway Chevrolet 381 12th st Plainwell ,Mi 49080 269-685-6871







    As you can see no shortage of shooters today lots of full squads all day ..



    And a full clubhouse today with shooters relaxing and enjoying the day and people in and out getting ready for the next squad going out
    And here we have Bryan Lynch's son Aiden which he told me he was going outside to watch his dad shoot hmmm isnt that Bryan on the line behind him not sure how many misses he seen his dad make he was kinda distracted ,but it was good to see Bre Leeuw stop down to shoot usually she is running the show for us being one of the best trappers..
    And we had the 4 Musketeers show up today from L to R Tom Bennett,Rich Schanz,Mike Bork,and Tim Schanz and a big Thank You goes out to Rick & Tim for all the work they did putting this 100 shoot together today and helping out keeping everything running so smooth ..
    We even had Trapshooting legend George Snellenberger stop by today to join us ,as you can see he's in deep thought planning his stratagy...
    We had Vern Beasley & Todd Delp (which is this guy named Matt or Mitt or Mutt's Arch Enemy ) stop by today
    And anoter one of Mutt's Arch Enemies Steve VV showed up to support the shooting sport Thanks Steve!!




    Everywhere you looked today were groups of friends enjoying the day today watching the shooting and talking smack to eachother all Thanks to Bloomingdale Conservation Club
    We even got to see Ray A.K.A. Rivers (left) and Gary Pierson (middle) and Big Steve (right) but still no Mitt!!
    And who could forget our good buddy Randy Hook that showed up today to join in and yes his partner in crime came with him
    Here he is the one and only Gary Metheny which i asked how they were shooting today ,and you have heard that looks can kill well i think i got my answer ..now lets get the the calcutta board

    Today we had 6 squads for 30 teams a good turnout for sure and in first we had a 2 way tie at 95 and a 10 bird shootoff that went into sudden death with Eddie Marshall and Brian Lester & Chris C. and Chuck Elmen and Eddie and Brian winning to take top honors and get the added bonus and in second all alone at 94 was Todd Delp and Ken Sims and third place went to Greg Harris and Phil Jones with the lone score of 92 (nice gun Phil) and the charlie purse was a split at 83 with Zach Marshall and Bob Richmond & Doug E. and Bill P. good shooting everyone and Thank You to Joey Kiss and all the other trappers for a great job and to all of the volunteers at Bloomingdale Conservation Club for putting on anther great shoot..
    And a picture of the first place winners Eddie Marshall (left) and Brian Lester (right) with there added bonus Thanks to Midway Chevrolet it made these guy a couple happy camper for sure ..
    One last picture of the peanut gallery( the ones who didn't get in the shootoff ) watching the shootoff for the grand finaly of the 100 bird calcutta , we did have a 50 bird draw also after the 100 bird shoot i hope to add some scores later but ill end this for now and Thank You Bloomingdale Conservation Club & Midway Chevrolet for making this another great shoot !!!!
  2. pullbangloss

    pullbangloss Active Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Must have been a really tough day to shoot! Those are some "interesting" scores. Nice shooting Eddie and Brian. I see Ken was able to carry the poacher to a second place victory :)

    Nice shooting all and great report Doug.

    Matt Ski

    PS: Rivers - you owe me $20 for missing our tee time.
  3. Fire8702

    Fire8702 TS Member

    Feb 24, 2012
    Nice report Doug! When I saw Bre, I knew I would loose Aiden's attention. Probably was better that he paid attention to her instead of my not so great shooting! Nice job Eddie and Brian, it was tough!

    Bryan L.
  4. BrianL

    BrianL TS Member

    Sep 15, 2010
    Thanks again for the great report Doug,the shoots wouldn't be the same
    without the awesome followups.Thanks to Bloomingdale CC(THE WHOLE CREW)
    and Tim and Rick S. for a great shoot.A special thanks to Midway Chevrolet
    for the added jackpot.And we can't forget to say great job Joe K., way to
    keep this shoot running smoothly.

    Brian L.
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