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WMCC Allegan Cons Club Calcutta Results 10/21/12 !

Discussion in 'Shoot Information, EVENTS, Clinics & Results' started by Cody4gold, Oct 21, 2012.

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  1. Cody4gold

    Cody4gold Active Member

    Apr 28, 2010
    What a great day to be shooting at Allegan Gun Club today the weather was perfect sunny in the low 60's and no wind which added up to alot of shooters showing up to shoot protections started at 10am with squad after squad filling up and going out enjoying the good weather im not sure but maybe 10 or 11 protections before the sign up time at 12 noon for the calcutta ,lunch today was Chili and Homemade Chicken noodle soup rolls and desserts perfect for a day like today ,as always Allegan puts on a great shoot and great lunch thanks to all the volunteers for making it happen so we have a place to come and enjoy this sport and Thanks to the trappers for a awesome job Bre Leeuw and Hayden Essenburg now some pics from today .
    First of all Thanks to L TO R Ron ,Joe,and Roger for putting on a Great shoot as always and thanks to all the other volunteers i forget to mention trust me you dont go unnoticed!!





    As you can see full squads and lots of shooters and in the background the fall colors are in full swing great time to be shooting and settling a few rivalries to boot .




    As you can see a good time going on inside and outside of the clubhouse today now lets see the board from the first calcutta.
    Today we had 18 teams with 4 squads and in first we had the lone score of 49 for first place with Bob Richmond and Jim R. great shooting guys and in second 2 teams at 48 and they split was Todd Delp and Denny & George Snellenburg and Jack Patton and 2 teams at 47 and Bill Rodriguez and Bill S. winning the shootoff and in 4th alone was Perry Moore and Aaron good shooting everyone ! now few few more pics from today.
    Heres a face we have seen in awhile from left to right Matt Van VelSki ,Gary Peirson and Claire W
    And Perry Moore and his Sidekick Moneymaker Gage Kenyon showed up today to enjoy the beautiful weather
    And Bob Waychoff also showed up today soaking in the sun and getting in some shooting ( And p.s. Bob be sure to Thank Rosie for the Awesome chicken soup today i had 2 bowls haha )
    And the 3 musketeers L to R John Sudekis ,Gary Metheny and Randy Hook ( and Gary, Randy wanted me to mention we both whooped you in the first calcutta )
    And i almost forgot the pic of the winners from the first calcutta Bob Richmond and Jim R. great shooting guys .now lets see the second calcutta board..

    We had 16 teams in the second calcutta for 4 squads and in first we had 2 teams at 49 and they split Dan VH and Perry Moore and Art and Steve VV in second 2 teams at 48 and Bob Richmond and Hank winning the shootoff in 3rd 3 teams at 47 and Bill P. and Anthony Seekman taking the shootoff in 4th at 46 Clayton Marshall and Buck Roberts good shooting everyone ok ill end this now with one last pic ..
    Ill end this with a pic of the Card Shark Trapshooters Hall of Famer George Snellenburg Good to see you today shooting havent seen you in awhile .and Thank again to Allegan Gun Club for another Great Shoot !!!!
  2. xtxt

    xtxt Active Member

    Jul 12, 2010
    Thanks Doug the WMCC shooters appreciate the posts and the pics that you put on the web every week.


    Don S.
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