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WMCC Allegan Calcutta Results 6/17/12 !!

Discussion in 'Shoot Information, EVENTS, Clinics & Results' started by Cody4gold, Jun 17, 2012.

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  1. Cody4gold

    Cody4gold Active Member

    Apr 28, 2010
    Today at Allegan Gun Club it started out a little rainy but cleared up for another great shoot with Protections starting around 9:30am till 12.00noon the cutoff time for the first Calcutta ,and another great lunch at Allegan as always today was Marinated Chicken Breast done on the grill , A big Thanks goes out to Greg Harris the Grliimaster today for getting it just right and to Ron H. ,Roger H..and Scott E. for making sure everything was taken care of along with the Chicken we had fresh buns to build your own chicken sandwich with all the fixin's potato salad ,coleslaw, chips,and dessert always a great meal at Allegan Conservation Club scores were tight in the protections leading up to the calcutta i think 12 in all , Thanks Again to Bre Leeuw,Hayden Essenburg and Matt for keeping everything moving so well ,now some pics from today....




    As you can see lots of shooters having a good time today on Fathers Day 2012 !now lets see the first Calcutta Board ...

    Today we had 18 teams for 4 squads today ,and today we had 2 50 bird draws and in the first we had 2 perfect scores of 50 with Tim Schanz & Tom Bouma and Todd Delp & Chris Childers and they split the win and Todd & Chris won the shootoff for the buyers Great Shooting Guys and in second we had 1 team at 49 Greg Harris & Trevor Bouma in 3rd was 2 teams tied and Buck Roberts and Roy taking the shootoff and 4th went to Rick Schanz and Aaron at 47 good shooting everyone ,now a few more pics
    Here we have MoneyMaker A.K.A. Gage Kenyon carrying Grandpaw Perry in another Calcutta !
    And here we have one of the 50 straight teams Todd Delp and Chris Childers and im sure Matty Todd's Little Bro is proud of him after all Todd has a Shoot named after him at Mason!
    And here Mike Bork (left) and Tim Schanz (right) and Tim being half of the other 50 straight team with Tom Bouma
    And Billy Rodriguez wondering how did i miss that target is this darn thing Crooked !!
    And Lou O. walking to trap feild 3 and by the looks of that grin he's up to no good !!
    And of course the Rummy game with from left to right Chuck Elmen and Billy Rodriguez with his i miss Matty look on his face ,and Ron Riley
    And Anthony Seekman giving me the thumbs up when i asked him how he was shooting today..
    ok ill end this for now with a picture of the peanut gallery from left to right Gary Mepheny ,Don Stevens,Mike Bork,Zeek Seekman,Randy Hook,and Anthony Seekman enjoying this Fathers Day at Allegan Conservation Club and Waiting for the Bingo Game to start , So Thank You Allegan C.C. for another great shoot and i hope to add the results from the second board shortly...
  2. pullbangloss

    pullbangloss Active Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Some pretty tough scores! Nice shooting Tom, Tim, Todd, and Chris!

    You hit any backups? I bet Chris ran them himself....

    Matt Ski
  3. Firefoxverigo

    Firefoxverigo Member

    Jan 3, 2011
    The 2nd board results.
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