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When your shooting goes south...............

Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by docbombay, Oct 10, 2011.

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  1. docbombay

    docbombay Well known trouble maker

    Jan 2, 2011
    Southern Ohio
    About five weeks ago I started dropping some birds. I did not have a clue as to the cause, but of course speculation ran from A to Z as to the reasons behind the poor shooting. I was not seeing the targets well, my gun hold had changed, I was lifting my head and on and on. I was struggling so much I even decided I needed to take a break from trap but I am in a fall league and that would not have been fair to my teammates.

    It got so bad I thought about putting my Kreighoff in the safe and pulling out the old Ljutic and see if that would help. I really did not want to take this action as I had modified my KS-5 special with a high rib to help me deal with a big floater I have in my left eye. Immediately after I took up this game one year ago I tore my retina and had to have laser surgery to fix it. There remains one big floater that is very visible while looking at the targets if I tilt my head forward while looking over a low or standard rib. It always appears on the same plane as the target, about three feet to the left. I always had to remind myself to shoot the "bird on the right" and not the black bird on the left. It was really a pain in the ass and there were times I swung right past the orange bird on hard lefts and shot that black target.

    To combat that situation, I built up my Kreighoff to fit my specific needs. I added a higher rib and machined new posts for my comb to raise it beyond what was available in adjustment from the stock posts. My buddy even made me some walnut post covers to match the stock. I was able to keep my head upright with this arrangement and it eliminated the big floater being parallel with the target. If I see the floater at all with my K gun it is well below the target and not a factor. Going back to the Ljutic and dealing with the "twin targets" was not an option I wanted to entertain.

    I was cleaning the KS-5 after shooting a very poor score at my league last Wednesday. I was shooting in a light rain and the wind was pretty bad. But that was not the major contributor to my low score. I was still suffering from CHS. I was giving the gun a major going over due to the wet conditions. While I was wiping the area up near the adjusting wheel for the rib I was amazed to find the wheel spun freely. Upon closer inspection, both allen locking screws were missing. They had completely backed out and were gone. I moved the wheel a bit and it was at the end of travel for adjusting the rib to its highest point. It was truly a "Duh Moment!"

    I took the gun out to the pattern board and shot it. The entire pattern was about 12 inches low of the center mark on the paper. The last time I shot the pattern board the gun shot 90% high, just where I wanted it. I adjusted the rib back until I once again accomplished that ratio.

    Yesterday I went to the club for the normal Sunday games. I crushed birds and actually won one of the events.

    Moral of this story? For guys like me with only a year of shooting under your belt don't rush to judgment and start looking for all the things "you" are doing wrong when things go south. Take a hard look at your gun and make sure nothing has changed.

    Now for the reason for this rather wordy post. What types of tricks and tips do you guys have for telling if any part of your gun setup has changed, ie.. height of comb, rib, adjustable recoil pad, etc, etc.........

    Thanks in advance,

  2. miketmx

    miketmx Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Thanks for your Post. I don't have an adjustable rib or even an adjustable comb so poor shooting always comes down to me not the gun. Last spring I had an extremely slow start after the long cold winter. The eye floaters were bothering me more than ever before, I thought I was crossfiring but mainly it is about 5 floaters in my right eye that sometimes blur my view of the target at just the wrong time. They seem like small thin clouds of smoke or maybe air bubbles or voids in the vitreous fluid. I saw the ophthalmologist about 7 weeks ago and he wants me to come back next week for a repeat exam. I found a very interesting article about eye floaters at the link shown above.
  3. Setterman

    Setterman Well-Known Member

    Feb 12, 2007
    Mic the adjustable rib and write it down, or make a note of what notch you had the rib set at. On the comb use shims and count them and make a note. Keep a copy in your gunbag and in your reloading room.
  4. luvtrapguns

    luvtrapguns Well-Known Member

    Jun 19, 2009
    Doc and others with vitreous floaters.

    Vitreous floaters can and are being removed safely and routinely. I had vitreous posterior detachment floaters removed from my right eye in June, 2011 and the left eye three weeks ago. Vision is now 20/15 and no floaters. A friend had the same procedure done four years ago with similar results.

    I have included the website for the Center that performed our surgeries. Mine was done by Dr. Sullivan in Jacksonville, Fl. My friend had his done in Ocala, Fl. This is an extensive site so look it over. Should answer all your questions. If not, drop me a PM.

    Good luck, Marc
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