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Wheel weights

Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by jdar46, Nov 9, 2008.

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  1. jdar46

    jdar46 Guest

    Check out the following link:


    Publication date: 30 August 2008

    Is anyone aware of this?
    Looks like the eviromental wacko's have gotten their way. Lead shot next?
    Melting tire weights into shot going to become next... extinct.
  2. Haskins Bill

    Haskins Bill TS Member

    Nov 4, 2007
    Yep it is true. I posted info on this subject here months ago. It started some time back with the European Union. I would say about five years ago at Jeep in Toledo we switched over to all zinc wheel weights because of the Europeans. There was not space in out tire mounting setup to use zinc only for export vehicles so all were changed over to zinc. Now then when Jeep in Toledo went to vendors for tire mounting rather than doing it in house the vendors were using zinc for the exports and a mix of lead and zinc for domestic. That was the case up until I retired almost two years ago. I do not know if they have changed over completely to zinc as of yet but I do know it is coming. Chrylsler also changed over to a steel battery cable clamps about the same time or even sooner on some of their models. The scrap yards in this area are only paying about 10 cents for wheel weights now, because lead prices are down and the tire shops have zinc, tape on and other things mixed into their scrap. They are only paying about fifteen cents for pure lead also. Sort your wheel weights for the zinc ones, they have Zn molded right into them. A little zinc disolved into your mix will mess up your pours. Yes zinc has a much higher melting point but it will slowly dissolve if your heat is too high and you leave them in the mix too long. Yes the zinc ones will float to the top quickly just like the steel clips but be safe rather than sorry. Bill
Thread Status:
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