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What trap shooting games are there?

Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by redlined67, Aug 12, 2007.

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  1. redlined67

    redlined67 TS Member

    May 14, 2007
    Im trying to think of some games to have at our club. Were a small club and have shoots on weekends and so on. We do the lewis shoots and merchandise & cash shoots, flurries, Annie Oakleys. Im trying to think of some different games to play to get more people to participate and show up. For the merchandise shoots we usually have food prizes. Anyone know of some better prizes that wont break the bank. Like I said we are a small club and these fun shoots are a source of our income. Even if its a new twist on an old game would be great. Just something different to get some participation. Our gun club has two traps if that matters any. Thanks for any ideas. Josh.
  2. harleypilot

    harleypilot Member

    Jan 7, 2007
    Brother-in-law shoots are fun, and you could even make it a calcutta with each team being auctioned off.

  3. trevorh

    trevorh TS Member

    Dec 14, 2006
    The two that we will play at our club occastionally is Wipe your eye this is where you have two shooters at each post and the machine you shoot from low gun and call for the bird then shoot if you break the target it is a broken bird if you dont the other member has the chance to fire at it. the wildcard comes if you shoot the same bird twice, this happens when you get small chips it is a lost target.

    The next game we play is quail walk with the machine set on wobble you start about 16 yards back from the trap with a low gun with two shells, you call pull and start walking and between when you call and get to the trap house the first bird will fire you have to stop mount the gun and shoot if you hit it you take the gun down and keep walking and another bird will be trown as you continue walking to the trap house. The trick about this game is that if you miss the first target you can take a second shot at it if you take the second shot you get a dead pair but if you miss you have a lost pair, kind of like a double or nothing. Hope this helps.
  4. Bisi

    Bisi TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    A couple of Sundays a month we have "5 bird races" at our club. We charge $2 to sign up and then a $1 a round. We start on the 16 yard line and shoot 1 bird at each post. The people who break 5 birds then get in a shootoff. The first person to break 5 chooses where to shootoff from. Usually they choose back next to the clubhouse which is around 45 yards back. Sometimes it will be out to the side or sometimes right behind the trap. The person who wins the shootoff gets money back. Depending on size of crowd shooters who break "4s" also get to shoot off, and if the crowd is bigger we even shootoff "3s".

    Next round we moved back a couple of yards, until the back fence. Mix in an Annie at the end of the day or a protection.
  5. School Teacher

    School Teacher Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Louisville, KY
    I have shot games for over 20 years and love them. I can’t wait until next Thursday and Saturday nights to shoot some more. Around Louisville, KY, you can find a games shoot about 4 different nights a week with each club shooting on a different date.

    These games are moneymakers for a club as each match has a “pot” with the club keeping a percentage (30% to 40%) of each pot to pay for targets and other expenses. Calcutta’s go 100% to the shooters. Often, the last match of the night is a 100% payback to the shooters,

    Here are some of the games that we shoot. They may have different names in other parts of the country. All games have an entry fee that may range from $2, $3 or $5 for normal shoots and up to $50 for special shoots. Yes, some also have Calcutta’s.

    1. KILLER (also called an Annie I believe). Shooters form a line and shoot in order from left to right. The leftmost shooter is the leader. After each round (when each shooter has shot), the leader can stay put or move to a different location. The leader, out of courtesy, also instructs the line of shooters to “walk two, walk three, etc.” which means that the two or three rightmost shooters walk to the left of the line. Numbers are drawn to determine shooting position at higher dollar shoots.

    The leader takes the first shot and, if a hit occurs, the turn passes to the next shooter. If a shooter misses then the next shooter may shoot and so on. If the next shooter hits, then the shooter who misses, gets a “mark”. Two marks and you are out. If you shoot after a target is broken, you get a mark. In bigger shoots (more money), the limit may go to three or five marks. Some killers are limited to four shooters on the line and other killers allow an unlimited number of shooters. In some killers, you have to pay a dollar to the shooter who puts a mark on you.

    Killers may be shot from any distance but we usually start at 35 yards behind the house. Lateral and backward movements of the line are allowed. You need to be careful of shooters on other fields and not distract or endanger them. Some clubs shoot until midnight when it is real dark and cool.

    2. BUDDY Matches (also called Protections I believe). Shooters form pairs on their own or by drawing cards from a deck of pairs. The lead pair selects the shooting station which usually starts near (27 yards) and moves back and laterally. Rules vary but one shooter shoots and if a hit occurs they are OK. If the first shooter misses and the second shooter hits, they are OK. If both miss, the team gets a “mark”. Two marks and the team is out. At the end, you may be on one trap field shooting on targets thrown from another, 50 or more yards behind the house or a combination of both.

    3. ONE AND OUT or TWO AND OUT. A leader selects a starting position and the other shooters form a line behind. The first shooter fires and if the shooter misses, the shooter gets a “mark”. One or two marks and you are out. The leader may stay at the same position or move to other locations. This game is similar to H O R S E in basketball. The last shooter without one or two marks is the winner.

    4. FIVE ACROSS. A leader is selected and the leader shoots from position 1 and then walks to position 2. The next shooter in line shoots from position 1 and the leader shoots from position 2, and then the second shooter shoots from position 1. Both shooters advance to positions 3 and 2 and the next shooter in line advances to position 1. The match continues until all shooters have fired one shot from each of the five posts. The match may start anywhere but we usually start at 16 yards and move back with each successive match. At the end of the 5 shots, all shooters who are tied (usually 5 of 5) engage in a ONE and OUT shootoff to determine the winner.

    5. BLUEBIRD or BLUECHIP. A leader is selected and a line is formed. The first shooter selects a starting position (which may be anywhere including immediately behind the house). Only two shooters are on the shooting line at one time.

    The first shooter shoots and the second shooter tries to hit either a full bird (if the first shooter misses) or a chip off of a broken target. If the second shooter gets a hit, even of a chip, the first shooter gets a mark. The leader usually moves to a different location, back, laterally or both between each round. The winner is the last shooter without two marks.

    Other games include 3 Long and 5 long which are self explanatory. These are shot at 40 or more yards behind the house and often from one trap field to another.

    Bird races of 35 or 50 targets (a mix of 16’s and 25’s) are also popular.
  6. spitter

    spitter Well-Known Member TS Supporters

    Jan 29, 1998
    Prairie State
    We shoot a "dove" which shooters rotate around a trap. We shoot this as the last round most nights and the guys/gals like the fact its about "bragging rights" more than anything.

    We have 3 traps and use the middle trap as the thrower. We start from our right-most trap throwing long passing shots left-rights, moving along the 27 yards line on middle trap and off to the left-most trap throwing long hard right-lefts.

    Hit you move, miss 3 times you move - one box of shells, see who get the farthest. Regardless of where you are on the field, you always shoot in the same rotation.

    Idea - with two traps, start behind trap #1 (right trap), 27 yard line position #5 and throw from Trap #2, moving along 5,4,3,2,1; then move to trap #2 position 5,4,3,2,1 and move trap #2 1,2,3,4,5; back to trap #1 1,2,3,4,5 etc... When guys/gals get behind trap #2, they now shoot targets thrown from trap #1 and so on. Make up your own rules - have fun!

    We've shot it as doubles (50 shells), hit two, move two places. We've shot it as a double wobble - you're only limited by your imagination!

  7. Trap2

    Trap2 Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Redding, California
    Another very popular game is called simply "Hoops". We bought 7 hula hoops from the variety store. We place them at different locations around the trap. Each shooter pays $5.00 to shoot the game. It is shot in a "follow the leader" style. The goal is to break the target, one from inside each hoop, starting from left to right. You must break a target from your hoop before moving to the next one. If you break your target, you move on, but do not get another shot until it is again your normal turn. The next shooter in line shoots. The first shooter to reach the last hoop and break the target from there wins half of the pot. If there are more than 10 shooters, we pay 1 place for every 10 shooters. This is a very popular game, and can be made as difficult, or as easy, as you want, by the placement of the hoops. You can also shoot this shoot "Front to back", meaning you shoot to the last hoop and then reverse directions and shoot back to the first one.....Dan Thome.....(Trap2)
  8. rwm12

    rwm12 Member

    Jun 23, 2007
    Vincennes, Indiana Gun Club has 5 from the 40 yd. pad, protections (buddy shoots), and annies every Tuesday night from 6-10 pm thru October. Open to the public.
  9. maclellan1911

    maclellan1911 TS Member

    Dec 9, 2006
    RUN OUT, good for smaller groups. Everyone starts at post 1. You have 3 shots per post. When you hit the target with in 3 shots you move on to next post. If you miss all 3 you advance any way. After all shooters run through the post at 16y we move back. At our club we just use the lines in the concrete walk way, about 3 yards. Continue this through the post and advancing in yardage and as shooters run out of shells you are out. In case of ties we tend to let the shooters who are out think of some type shoot off, Shoot offs are not to common.
  10. Pull & Mark

    Pull & Mark Well-Known Member

    Mar 9, 2006
    We used to shoot two games called scrap and squabble. It was a simple and fun game. Shoot trap from the skeet stations. One shooter at a time. You can use regular trap set-up or wabble for a little more fun. One shot or two (club choice). Every shooter can have two targets from each station, or shoot until he hits one. The shooter with high score wins which ever you play. We used to play these games alot, now not so much. Still Fun. Hope this helps, Break-em all. JEff
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