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Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by trapace, Jul 6, 2009.

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  1. trapace

    trapace Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Below are the results of the Virginia State shoot held at Winchester on July 1 to 5. The target count was slightly above last year’s at 225,800.

    EVENT # 1 Phillip Earl Singles 7/1/09
    Champion Charlie Brown 100
    Runner-Up Billy Martin 100
    AA Winner James Ray Grimes 100
    A Winner David Angleo 100
    B Winner Calvin Nagle 99
    C Winner Michael Jeter 97
    D Winner Joseph Sarsfield 95
    High Lady Kathy Oxyer 98
    High Veteran Steve Hawkins 100
    High Sr Veteran Balir Surber 99
    High Junior Davis Weddler 69

    EVENT # 2 Glen Funkhouser Handicap 7/1/09
    Champion David Angelo 99
    Runner Up Paul Salomon Jr 97
    18-21 Yd Winner Ryan Weddle 96
    22-23 Yd Winner Kevin Sipes 96
    24-25 Yd Winner Paul Dom Jr 97
    26-27 Yd Winner Emerson Bornman 97

    EVENT # 3 Elwood Tyler Doubles 7/1/09
    Champion Paul Salomon Jr 196
    Runner Up Sam Bobst 195
    AA Winner Skip Klinger 195
    A Winner Wendell Jeffers 194
    B Winner Billy Wood 186
    C Winner Rick Demerle 180
    D Winner James Mozisek 153
    High Lady Cassie Hammond 189
    High Veteran Sheldon Hostetter 195
    High Sr Veteran Blair Surber 191
    High Junior na

    EVENT # 4 SINGLES 7/2/09
    Champion Michael Thompson 100
    Runner-Up Paul Dom Jr 100
    AA Winner Earl Pinkard 99
    A Winner John Elmore 100
    B Winner Calvin Nagle 98
    C Winner Jake Peretin 99
    D Winner Charles Whitley 95
    High Lady Kay Lynn Bornman 97
    High Veteran David Poland 100
    High Sr Veteran Balir Surber 99
    High Junior Brent Ligon 69
    High Sub Jr Zachary Lively 72

    EVENT # 5 Remington Nitro 27 Handicap 7/2/09
    Champion Paul Salomon Jr 96
    Runner Up Gerald Bonanno 96
    18-21 Yd Winner Nelo Hakola 95
    22-23 Yd Winner Devi Wilbur 92
    24-25 Yd Winner Laurin Ajer 95
    26-27 Yd Winner Steve Sprout 94
    High Lady Patricia Wyvill 93
    High Veteran Charlie Brown 92
    High Sr Veteran Donald Jobe 90
    High Junior Osker Reynolds 91
    High Sub Jr Jake Peretin 87

    EVENT # 6 Class Championship Doubles 7/2/09
    Res AA Winner Paul Salomon Jr 99
    Open AA Winner Chris Spiridion 96
    Res A Winner Trey Wilburn 97
    Open A Winner Sam Bobst 95
    Res B Winner Alan Corey 92
    Open B Winner Jeff Hashbarger 88
    Res C Winner Chip King 89
    Open C Winner Mike Jeter 87
    Resident D Winner Fran Bloxton 74
    Open D Winner Danny Nagle 88
    High Lady Cassie Hammond 90
    High Veteran Steven Hawkins 98
    High Sr Veteran Blair Surber 88
    High Junior Brent Ligon 82

    EVENT #7 VA Singles Class Championship 7/3/09
    Res AA Winner Paul Salomon Jr 200
    Open AA Winner David Shaeffer 200
    Res A Winner Alan Corey 196
    Open A Winner Don Kaufamn 197
    Res B Winner Robert Igou 194
    Open B Winner Julius Broadwater 194
    Res C Winner Steven Oman 185
    Open C Winner Thomas Oxyer 192
    Resident D Winner Barbara Moreland 184
    Open D Winner Joseph Bucci 189
    High Lady Cassie Hammond 191
    High Veteran Earl Pinkard 199
    High Sr Veteran Blair Surber 197
    High Junior Brent Ligon 189
    High Sub Jr Jake Peretin 188

    EVENT # 8 Federal Handicap 7/3/09
    Resident Champion Trey Wilburn 96
    Open Champion Darrell Dowler 97
    Res 18-21 Yd Winner Robert Cornelison 93
    Open 18-21Winner Robert Garland 93
    Res 22-23 Yd Winner Ronald Moreland 92
    Open22-23 Winner Norval Bowen 90
    Res 24-25 Yd Winner Brent Ligon 90
    Open 24-25 Winner Jennifer Everett 93
    Res 26-27 Yd Winner William Kirby 95
    Open 26-27 Winner Ronnie Sutton 95
    High Res Lady Audrey Sharp 89
    High Open Lady Cassie Hammond 95
    High Res Veteran Dallas Berry 91
    High Open Veteran Fred Daniel 92
    High Res Sr Vet William Houseman 89
    High Open Sr Vet John Elmore 90
    High Junior Osker Reynolds 91
    High Sub Jr Jake Peretin 87

    Event #9 Old Dominion Clay Target Championship 7/4/09
    Resident Champion Paul Salomon Jr 200
    Resident Runner Up Clay Floyd 199
    Open Champion Paul Dom Jr 200
    Res AA Winner Alan Hemer 197
    Open AA Winner David Shaeffer 200
    Res A Winner David Thomas 196
    Open A Winner Earl Wills 199
    Res B Winner Jerry Bushrod 196
    Open B Winner Paul Howes 194
    Res C Winner Dan Wilburn 184
    Open C Winner Brian Crum 188
    Resident D Winner Barbara Moreland 183
    Open D Winner Sheri Adamerovich 180
    Resident Lady Audrey Sharp 182
    High Lady Cassie Hammond 198
    Res Veteran Steve Hawkins 197
    Open Veteran Charlie Brown 197
    Res High Sr Vet Blair Surber 193
    Open High Sr Vet Bud Selby 197
    Res High Junior Lucas Meredith 185
    Open High Junior Michael Giron 172
    Res High Sub Jr Corey Shornak 186
    Open High Sub Junior Addison Callan 185
    High Parent & Child James & Addison Callan 356

    EVENT # 10 VA Doubles Championship 7/5/09
    Resident Champion Paul Salomon 99
    Resident Runner-Up Clay Floyd 99
    Open Champion Louis Goodwin 99
    Res AA Winner Elwood Tyler 99
    Open AA Winner Steve Sprout 98
    Res A Winner Robert Sirk 97
    Open A Winner John Patchell 97
    Res B Winner Jeff Warren 96
    Open B Winner Michael Thompson 96
    Res C Winner Mike Jeter 92
    Open C Winner Lonnie Nowlin 91
    Resident D Winner Steve Oman 78
    Open D Winner Devi Wilber 87
    Resident Lady Audrey Sharp 74
    Open Lady Jennifer Everet 94
    Res Vet Earl Pinkard 99
    Open High Vet Steve Hawkins 97
    Res Sr Vet Richard Santelli 92
    Open Sr Vet John Elmore 92
    Res Junior Lucas Meredith 90
    Open Junior Alec Sauble 83
    Res Sub Jr Corey Shornak 72
    Open Sub Jr Jake Peretin 81

    EVENT # 11 VA HANDICAP 7/5/09
    Resident Champion Paul Salomon 97
    Resident Runner-Up Dennis Kochmowski 96
    Resident 3rd Robert Goodman 96
    Resident 4th Trey Wilburn 94
    Resident 5th Robert Igou 94
    Resident 6th Dennis Spiridon 94
    Open Champion William Forester 98
    Open 2nd Buster Hargas 95
    Open 3rd Jake Peretin 95
    Open 4th Steve Sprout 95
    Open 5th John Watkins 95
    Open 6th Dennis Copperidge 94
    High Res Lady Audrey Sharp 93
    High Open Lady Katlynn Bornman 94
    High Res Veteran Roy Young 92
    High Open Veteran Howard Longerbeam 95
    High Res Sr Vet Blair Surber 96
    High Open Sr Vet Allen Sachsel 93
    High Res Junior Lucas Merredith 81
    High Open Junior Michael Giror 87
    High Res Sub Jr Corey Shornak
    High Sub Jr Addison Callan 90


    High All Round
    VTA Open Clay Floyd 391
    VTA Resident Paul Salomon 396
    Lady Resident Audrey Sharp 349
    High Over-all
    VTA Resident Paul Salomon Jr 1374
    VTA Open Paul Dom 1335

    Points only, No Trophies:

    VTA Resident
    High All around Vet Earl Pinkard 384
    High All Around Sr Vet Blair Surber 380
    High All Round Junior Maredith Lucas 356
    High All Round Sub Jr Corey Shornak 338

    VTA Open
    High Over All Vet Charles Brown 1332
    High Over All Sr Vet Blair Surber 1319
  2. AveragEd

    AveragEd Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
    As usual, a lot of good scores at Winchester GC. Nice place to shoot!

  3. trapace

    trapace Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Hello All,

    Winchester Gun Club is a great place to shoot and have fun. Please come see us at the next VTA shoot the "Grand OLd Dominion" on September 19 & 20, 2009.

    Bob Brino
    VTA President Elect
  4. steele

    steele TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    I had a nice time, Got to see Pat Ireland, Chip King, Devi & Martin. Looking forward to going back in the fall. Butch Novak
  5. M R Ducks

    M R Ducks Member

    Jul 13, 2007
    Kabul, Afghanistan
    Marked the calendar....

  6. jdomas

    jdomas Member

    Mar 20, 2006
    Congratulations to Paul Salomon Jr. on the clean sweep of the championship events.

    John D.
  7. gr8shot

    gr8shot Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    the great state of WV
    had an awsome time and will be back next year. thanx for the great trophies and fun shoot offs.

    come join us at the West Virginia State Shoot this week in Wellsburg, WV.

    A Big Thanx.

    steve sprout
  8. trapace

    trapace Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Thanks to all who attended this years Virginia State Shoot. See you soon.

    Bob Brino
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