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Very Good Read

Discussion in 'Politics, Elections & Legislation' started by crusha, Jun 30, 2009.

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  1. crusha

    crusha TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Well, I'm not one to dwell forever on the negative. The Bolsheviks have not won this thing, yet. America is still a "center-right" nation. When the public voted for Obama, they weren't all voting for socialism; many were simply voting for change. When the policy proposals start to look like a whole different country, the public is going to push back...and the Democrats in Congress know it. That's why some are reluctant to go for Obama's energy and health proposals, even though his approval numbers are currently high (but starting to drop).

    The next piece of good news is that from now on, the Democrats OWN the deficit. It's their baby. Inflation and the deficit just became inoperable tumors attached to the Democratic party - thanks to Obama. The economy under Obama will not grow enough to pay for what he's spending. It's unsustainable, and he even said it himself. The deficit's going to balloon so much under him, it will completely dwarf anything that came before.

    I believe American Liberals are actually in a dire race against history to get their European style welfare state enacted, and the window of opportunity is closing on them. The European economies got their welfare states "locked in" while their economies were still growing robustly in the post-WW2 period. Back then, it looked feasible because their economies were growing by leaps and bounds with no competition from Asia to worry about. But now the game has changed; the western economies have peaked out, and the Europeans realize they cannot continue to grow their welfare state, and in fact may not even be able to feasibly sustain what they have. They have the advantage that their welfare states were already locked-in before this new economic reality presented itself...but not so in America! If American Liberals are to enact the Welfare State, they have to do it in the next couple years, or else perhaps lose their chance forever. The reality of permanently slowed economic growth in the West is hitting home now. The erecting of massive welfare states does not look as economically feasible now as it did in the years after WW2 when everything looked rosy.

    That's why Obama is acting so urgently; he realizes his greatest leverage is during his first 2 years, and if he can't get it done by then, this new economic reality starts to work tremendously against him. In short, this is Liberalism's last chance...and all we have to do is stymy them for about two years. If they can't get this stuff passed before the tidal wave of inflation and a falling dollar sets in - THEY MAY NEVER GET IT! There will never be another opportunity like this one again, and after this opportunity passes, the money simply will not be there after that.

    A lot of wishy-washy soft Republicans lost their jobs in the Obama tsunami. The pendulum always swings, and when it swings back again, it will be a much purer version of the Republican party that is left. This time in the wilderness will be a very purifying time for Republicans. We'll be so far in debt, the path will be clear. Inflation WILL rise, the dollar WILL fall, and the smaller-government lower-spending austerity conservatives espouse may well be FORCED upon us by the capital markets and the forces of international banking, in ways that Liberalism simply will not be able to do anything about.

    Keep the faith, folks. We actually have a tremendous opportunity here. If we can stop them on cap & trade (which the public doesn't want), and manage to scale down the health care proposal to something less than a single-payer system, we will have won a tremendous victory. The Republic will be more or less intact, and Obama's presidential effectiveness will start to peter downward from there. If you stop him on those two things, he becomes just another Clinton.
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