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Up date on PA bill 2224, selling public land

Discussion in 'Politics, Elections & Legislation' started by Jack L. Smith, Oct 15, 2012.

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  1. Jack L. Smith

    Jack L. Smith Member

    Feb 27, 2009
    You may recall that PA HB 2224 amended a long standing law(DDPA 1959)providing protection and a process for selling public land, parks and trails. HB 2224 makes it easier for local politicians to sell land and the bill was not very well thought out. Some public land may buffer gun clubs, or be nearby our shooting ranges, so selling those parcels to developers for 'quick cash' could impact sportsman's areas for ever.

    HB224 was scheduled for vote in the PA Senate at 1 pm session today.

    Now after some effort by shooters, conservation groups and others, this bill has gotten more 'light of day'.

    The bill was slated for vote today. However,at the last minute, it was delayed until tomorrow or further notice.

    The bill's sponsor, Rep. Bryan Cutler (R Lancaster), has today issued a letter trying to resell & explain his bill, but conceding they are "..considering changes..." to the bill.

    In his letter, Cutler tries to minimize any effects of his his bill by saying the number of properties impacted would be 'very small' but he does not say how many are effected, and he does not provide any specifics or data to support his claim.

    Our efforts so far have shown our PA lawmakers we care about our public land, parks, and trails, no matter how they were acquired. They know that we are watching how they vote on bills that should have more public support or involvement.

    Stay tuned. This bill still could be voted on in the PA senate on Tuesday so contact your PA senator and let them know you want to protect our land, and keep it out of the hands of developers - tel them to vote NO on HB2224.

    js in PA
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