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Two days with the Big Dog, Daro Handy

Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by claykiller, Aug 2, 2010.

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  1. claykiller

    claykiller Member

    Feb 9, 2010
    I’m a B shooter with 94/88/88 averages shooting from the 20-yard line. I just spent this last weekend taking trap lessons from Daro Handy at the Martinez Gun Club. Daro offers a one and a two-day course, I signed up for the two. The class was advertised marginally about two weeks before (by no fault of his own) he came down from Oregon. It was just incidental to another trip they were on. On the first day there were 5 people in the class, of which two did not show.

    We started the day with an equipment check and gun fitting. We then moved on to talks about stance, set up, call, identification, tracking, and shot delivery. Daro is big on these areas and we all soon found out why, because those areas are everything. We soon moved on to shooting singles and handicap. Quickly you find out two things: How much you don’t know. How much Daro knows. He spends time perfecting every move you make for the betterment of your shooting. By the end of the day nobody in the class was shooting under 22 including handicap.

    On day two I was alone. The others had only signed up for the one-day class. I was taking one on one instruction at the group rate. This was doubles day, a discipline where high scores elude me like the plague. Again we went through the stance, set up, call, identification, tracking, and shot delivery. Daro tuned me to the best method that would mitigate or do away with all my bad habits.

    My two days with Daro resulted in the following:

    * 16 Yard - 25 expected, 24 OK, 23 disappointment. Lost count of the 25 straights.
    * 20 Yard - Highest score ever shot 24; straights and punches will soon follow.
    * Doubles - Highest score ever shot 45; straights will soon follow.

    725 targets total
    Cost for two day class = $400.00
    Cost for ammo = $159.50
    Cost for targets (the club graciously gave me members price) = $145.00

    Would I do it again? No question. Daro and his wife Darlene are two of the nicest people you will ever meet. By the way did you know Daro has won or been in the top 5 handicap averages in the ATA numerous times since 1974, been a member of the five highest over-all averages 6 times and won the highest average in the PITA too many times to mention. To date he has been on 16 ATA All American Teams and 35 straight PITA All Star Teams, being team captain for the PITA teams most of those years. His lifetime singles average is close to 99% and he has shot over 725,000 registered targets. He also holds the world record of 505 straight from the 27-yard line that still stands today.
  2. superxjeff

    superxjeff Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    I feel like you do about Daro. Many people I have known that have taken clinics from all the big names will admit that daro's clinic led them to higher scores then any other method. These same people often folow his ways for a while and then quit or go to another way of shooting because Daro is the only Top Gun shooter who tells you that the target is always secondary in the set up and that the most important aspect is the eye, barrel/ bead relationship.

    It really isn't suprising if you think about it. Everybody else stresses looking for the target and Daro doesn't. When you know that you achieved higher scores when you allowed the target to become seconday it's a totally diffrent way of shooting. It just seems that a lot of shooters can never be true believers even when the best scores they shoot or they way they got to AA status or the 27 yard line was using Daro's method.

    This board does not like Daro as many have been told old wives tales about Daro ETC ETC. As you saw in person. Anybodywho meets Daro will tell you he is one of the nicest guys in the sport. You have gone on this site and spoke highly of Daro. Please do not be discouraged when a bunch of needle dicks that have never met the men talk smack about him. 99% of them have never met him and are just parroting things they have heard. Jeff
  3. puablo

    puablo Well-Known Member

    Sep 18, 2006
    seems to me he definitely belongs in the HOF...sometimes people let politics or some other stuff get in the way. His record speaks for itself. puablo
  4. ms_yuan

    ms_yuan Member

    Apr 26, 2010
    Hey, Claykiller! My son and I were the other two on Saturday with you and Mr. Handy. It was a pleasure shooting with you and I'm glad the second day worked out for you. I wish we could have attended Sunday, buy my costs are double yours, lol. Both of us really had a great time and learn a lot. For us, it was a great clinic. I only hope we didn't slow things down for you.

    There's another thread here about someone asking why Daro Handy isn't in the HOF. He must have ticked off somebody really bad, lol. Regardless, his record speaks for itself.
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