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Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by fishguts, Nov 15, 2009.

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  1. fishguts

    fishguts Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    The second week-end of the annual turkey shoot was just about a repeat of the first week-end, except for the weather on Sunday which was overcast, windy and chilly, but it didn't stop the fun and gave us some new excuses for missing targets.

    Again, Otis ran a tight ship, keeping his minions on their toes. Willie (HEY YOU,..COME HERE), Larry, Bob Penman, Scott Cochran all helped to keep things going. The cooking, serving and kitchen work was covered by O's wife, Mrs.Cochran. Delicious food again. Thanks to everyone who gave up two week-ends to run the shoot....I forgot to mention that there were still targets also being shot at another part of the club. Tim Russell ran the stills.

    From everyone, even those who have no manners, THANK YOU for putting on this event....now go start planning next years shoot.

    <a href="http://s300.photobucket.com/albums/nn1/fishguts49/?action=view¤t=thebossOTIS.jpg" target="_blank">[​IMG]</a>
    Otis...Larry calls him "LONGSHANKS"

    <a href="http://s300.photobucket.com/albums/nn1/fishguts49/?action=view¤t=Mattshappy.jpg" target="_blank">[​IMG]</a>
    Matt Krizinski taunting the crowd

    <a href="http://s300.photobucket.com/albums/nn1/fishguts49/?action=view¤t=Lumpy.jpg" target="_blank">[​IMG]</a>

    <a href="http://s300.photobucket.com/albums/nn1/fishguts49/?action=view¤t=DickM.jpg" target="_blank">[​IMG]</a>
    "Indiana" Dick Marsch

    <a href="http://s300.photobucket.com/albums/nn1/fishguts49/?action=view¤t=Goodhulls-1.jpg" target="_blank">[​IMG]</a>
    C.G.Elman helped out by picking up empties....

    <a href="http://s300.photobucket.com/albums/nn1/fishguts49/?action=view¤t=005-10.jpg" target="_blank">[​IMG]</a>
    Frank Bentley and son Frank(3) in a shootoff...

    <a href="http://s300.photobucket.com/albums/nn1/fishguts49/?action=view&current=Claude.jpg" target="_blank">[​IMG]</a>
    Claude Moore

    <a href="http://s300.photobucket.com/albums/nn1/fishguts49/?action=view&current=007-8.jpg" target="_blank">[​IMG]</a>
    1 1/2 ounces #5's at 1400+fps ready for launch..

    <a href="http://s300.photobucket.com/albums/nn1/fishguts49/?action=view&current=009-5.jpg" target="_blank">[​IMG]</a>

    <a href="http://s300.photobucket.com/albums/nn1/fishguts49/?action=view&current=BSing.jpg" target="_blank">[​IMG]</a>
    something "fishy" taking place here...

    <a href="http://s300.photobucket.com/albums/nn1/fishguts49/?action=view&current=thePAYOFF.jpg" target="_blank">[​IMG]</a>
    Here Otis is paying Matt K. again...

    <a href="http://s300.photobucket.com/albums/nn1/fishguts49/?action=view&current=Trapboy-1.jpg" target="_blank">[​IMG]</a>
    Larry let Willie help out too (HEY!!..COME HERE)

  2. pullbangloss

    pullbangloss Active Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    As always a great shoot. Good job guys! See you again next year.

    Matt Krizinski
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