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turkey hunting

Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by andrew pofahl, Nov 6, 2007.

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  1. andrew pofahl

    andrew pofahl TS Member

    Sep 1, 2006
    Ok, so i got my NYS hunters safety course completed last weekend. I now have a big/small game tags, and i also purchased turkey tags... two of any kind in the fall, and two Toms in the spring. I know very little about turkey hunting, other than complete camo, do not stalk, and make sure i know my target. I will be hunting on my own 17 acres, but have no idea how to "field dress" the turkeys. Most people have told me to just cut the breasts out and leave the rest, but that seems like a waste to me. I have another week and a half until turkey season is over, so i hope to get out this weekend. I have my Bt-99 with a full choke, and was planning on a 2 3/4 dram number 8's for the shot, and try to get him into 25 yards or so. I have no scope on the gun obviously... is it better recommended to purchase a dedicated turkey gun with xtra full choke and scope, or can i get by with what i discussed.... by the way, the hunter safety class was ten hours of crap... i learned very little, and when they took us to the gun range to "teach" us how to shoot, i was in shock! The instructors had no idea what they were doing... but that is another thread. Oh well, any suggestions are welcomed. Thanks. Bunker
  2. coyote268

    coyote268 TS Member

    May 23, 2006
    Andrew, you're not wasting much by fileting out the bird. If it is fresh and hot just peal back the skin and filet out the breast and the upper thies. That's all that's really good. A shiney BT99 would probably be one of my last choices for a turkey gun along with #8 shot. Turkeys are very tough and its seems your are A novice to the sport so you would be lucky to get him in that close unless you ambushed him. I would reccommend that once you get one you will be hooked for life so why not get set up for it to begin with. Get a good Paul Meek box call, a gun as you described with a scope if you wish, and develope Patience, Patience,Patience!!!

    I have three shotguns dedicated to Turkey hunting for different occasions. Two of them are scoped and I use shells specifically developed for Turkeys which many manufactures produce. I normally carry at least five calls with me. When I guide I do so on private land but for my own birds, I normally hunt the tougher birds in the National Forest. Good luck, It is one of the most challenging and sometimes frustrating hunts you can have. My daughter and I are on the Paul Meek pro staff and I highly reccommend his calls.
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