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Triple B Clay's - Christmas Party / GREAT!!

Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by ysr_racer, Dec 16, 2007.

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  1. ysr_racer

    ysr_racer Active Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Triple B Clay's - Christmas Party. It was great!!!

    In So. El Monte, CA (Los Angeles)

    Saturday was Triple B Clay's Christmas (Hanukkah, in my case) Party. Last year they had tons of food, manufactures reps, and rain. This year they had tons of food, manufactures reps, clear blue skies and 65 degree weather.

    This is TBC's way of saying "thank you" to all of their customers. They provided all the food and drink (non alcoholic), all you had to do was show up and have fun.

    Reps from Browning, Beretta, Winchester, Remington, Ceasar Guerini, and Benelli were there. They all had demo guns and ammo for you to try (free of charge).

    I shot a 525 20ga, Summit Ltd 20ga and the new Rem 105. The 105 is a cool gun, and if you get the chance, buy all means try one.

    Lunch include shrimp, meatballs, sausage, tacos, egg rolls... and tons of desserts.

    Afterwards, TBC had reduced rates on sporting clays, so Steve Marshal sr. and I shot a round.

    I got a chance to see some old friends (crazyb, dooder, zach, were there) and make some new ones.

    JT even told me his Christmas joke.

    Three guys (A Catholic guy, a Lutheran guy and a Jewish guy) were riding on a bus on Christmas day. The bus crashes and they are all killed.

    At the Pearly Gates, Saint Peter says, "We don't discriminate. I can let you all in to Heaven, but you have to pass an easy test first. He asks the Catholic guy to spell "Jesus", he does, and Saint Peter lets him in.

    He next asks the Lutheran guy to spell "Mary", he does. and is also let in. The Jewish guy thinks he knows what's coming next, and says, "I'm ready for your test."

    Saint Peter says, "Great, spell Czechoslovakia."

    Happy Holidays everybody.

    brad g.
    so. cal. USA
Thread Status:
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