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tri-State Shoot - whew

Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by dcb_wvu, Sep 7, 2011.

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  1. dcb_wvu

    dcb_wvu Member

    Feb 9, 2009
    Well, we just finished our Tri-State Shoot in WV and I just got finished at 4pm this afternoon. We had a wonderful time shooting but the motorhome had other ideas. We spent Monday night in Follansbee, WV on Main Street. Chuck and Judy Wright of New Heights Auto got a few issues straightened out but she still cuts out going up hill, a real problem in WV, and SW PA. We had her towed back and rented a car, had to return the car today thus our long odyssey just ended. But there are some bright sides...

    First, I know I picked the right spouse as we never argued through the whole endeavor. I mean it was neither of one of our faults, we just have to deal with it. Watched some movies on the genset while camping on Main Street was fun.

    Second, we must be really good at training dogs, they were great too. No real complaining but I really wish Bodhi (aka Grommet) would learn that she is 95 pounds and not a lap dog.

    Third, Follansbee is a great little town. Nice folks. Do stop into Vito's the food is excellent and the portions are ridiculous. Great folks. They have crazy specials that are delicious.

    Fourth, everyone there knows Chuck! What a great guy and the leader of the County law enforcement. Apparently he is a regular at Vito's.

    The weather over the weekend was all over the place (high of 102, low of 67 and someone said rain on Monday?) but the shoot was great. Other highlights, Scott Ross shoots his first 200! Squad mate Gene Snively shoots one less! Good shooting boys! Pretty sure that Scott and Fred did okay too as I didn't hear any real belly aching. I won Class C Mountaineer Singles on Sat with a 97! Mike Vanaman got a punch and picked up a few trophies, good shooting Mike. Toot was his usual humorous self but sans wife and dog for the weekend. Junior Ian Fleming needs to be penalized, that boy won a trophy in every event with awesome scores! Paul Kovac shot a 97 in the first hundred on Monday in the rain for a punch. There was a 99 by a young lad with good eyes, Clayton Rask I believe was the name. A great shoot, the numbers were down this year but put this one on your calendar for next year. Many thanks to the Brooke County Sportmans and Farmers Association for a well run shoot. Thanks to all the trap help, but I hope Ripley beats the Bruins, Go Vikes!

    Courtney - Ripley Class of 88
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